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The theme of the seminar: what are the areas of innovation for car after-sales?

The facts

On 2 April last, Echangeur by LaSer had the pleasure of hosting a luncheon debate organized by The theme of the seminar: what are the areas of innovation for car after-sales? This is indeed a topical question at a time when, as in other sectors, after-sales services are faced with technological transformations and changing consumers. The fact is that a service economy is emerging. Threats are piling up in the medium term in all after-sales sectors in Europe. The increasingly numerous collaborative systems are accustoming consumers to exchange and share their areas of expertise. With the unavoidable development of 3D printing, customers can make their own spare parts using “a spare parts bar”. All they then need to do is fit the spare parts… in one of the spaces that will develop, modelled on the fab labs. To sum up: tomorrow, consumers will hold all the cards to defy built-in obsolescence.


Faced with these risks, why wait? One can already move the goal posts and offer simple everyday solutions to the constraints of customers in the sector. Or should we say the sectors! Indeed, the LaSer Access Panel’s analysis of 12,000 French households shows that each automotive After-Sales distribution channel (dealerships, independent garages, large retail chains, auto centres, etc.) has a specific and different customer base! However, they all have one thing in common. High expectations for solutions that improve their consumption. Experience, facilitation or realization are indeed these customers’ drivers of consumer spending.

In Sweden, car manufacturer Audi is cashing in on collaborative models and offers drivers a new experience: the Svenska Snöräddare mutual aid network. In the event of an accident, and irrespective of the make of car, a Swede can contact the driver of an Audi Quattro (the 4-wheel drive model) nearest to him to ask for help. This is an excellent way for Audi of collecting the contact details of motorists who are dissatisfied with their vehicle.

How to create a regular link between a driver and a car servicing centre? By offering the driver practical benefits! Credit facilities, permanent discounts or free diagnoses offered by the Exclusiv’ Ford card are key factors in developing customer loyalty and enabling customers to carry out their servicing.


With its “workshop window”, Ridgeway reassures its British customers by filming the servicing inspection. Rather than trusting the garage mechanic blindly, the video sent to the customer shows him what parts can be kept and what ones need changing immediately or in due course. By providing the facts, Ridgeway fully facilitates the customer’s decision.

These three services clearly illustrate the fact that for all sectors of the economy there are relevant levers of innovation to enable them to stand out enduringly from a competition that is increasingly focused on price and special offers.

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