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Spotify playlists to discover from your favourite brewery

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Great Britain has not yet reached phase 3 of deconfinement. In fact, the brands continue to maintain a long-distance relationship with their customers by developing small attentions.

The Fact: Concerts till the end of the night

Launched in 2011 in the Shoreditch district, the “Signature Brew” is the place to get together to enjoy good music accompanied by a beer. Seven days a week, the venue hosts live events, concerts of course, as its mission is to revolutionise the quality of beer at musical events by bringing a range of music-inspired craftsmanship (Roadie, Studio Lager, Backstage IPA and Nightliner) to the best bars, venues and festivals in the UK and beyond.

The venue is also open to the discovery of new talent: for example, the stage is open at weekends to some of their favourite street musicians. On the brand’s website, you can book your tickets for the next concerts, buy the goodies of your choice or listen to podcats about the world of music etc…


Of course the place closed during this Covid period. How do you then keep the link with your community? Signature Brew has therefore decided to launch “The Pub in the Box”, a selection of their award-winning craft beers accompanied by glass and carpet, snacks, a musical quiz and most importantly… exclusive playlists organized by music journalists to accompany his moments of solitude, linked to the history of boission. To rediscover or almost rediscover the special atmosphere of the place.

Deciphering: Simplicity has all its virtues

By creating their new concept in 2011, the brand has marked its DNA in a very strong way by mixing from the start rock, underground and other styles with its place and leaving a stage open to street talents. The latter were indeed the first to be affected by the Covid crisis19 by no longer being able to carry out part of their street activity. Signature Brew then called upon them to hand deliver the boxes to consumers, allowing them to collect the “London Living Wage“. Here too, the brand takes its social responsibilities to heart by supporting its temporary workers. No doubt the people who have chosen to be delivered will remember the story of their delivery man of the day and perhaps they will be happy to come and listen to one of their compositions as they emerge from the crisis.

Another point, the customization of the Box with the playlists. Here too, the brand is totally congruent with its positioning by continuing to offer a sharp selection of musical discoveries. The consumer can enjoy this musical break accompanied by the brand’s products whenever he wants, a good way to stay in the consumer’s memory and everyday life! Anyway, a little attention that’s all right. Moreover, it is not excluded that this offer may continue beyond containment. This is another way of rethinking loyalty in a different way: bringing home a little piece of musical memory.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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