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Specify on “MIAO A” to meet your favorite star

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
3 minutes
Enjoy Phoenix, 3 million subscribers. Norman, 5 million subscribers. Applying influencers to promote these products is not new. In China, their influence is such that a new stage is crossed. It is now the relationship with influencers that is … listed!

The Fact

Want to talk to a live star? Ok … but their attention time is limited. How to do? On the Chinese application “Miao A”, you trade your time as a trader with the celebrity or celebrities you have chosen from the five hundred offered on the platform: actors, sportsmen, musicians, video game players, etc.

Mia A

The purchase of a second allows you to benefit from a chat by SMS. You negotiated six hundred seconds? Let’s make a video conference. More than 7,500 seconds! You will have the chance to meet for real your favorite star. If you are short of time, you can negotiate with other users of the platform. The platform works like a real trading place: it buys time from celebrities or their agents and then sells it to the public and takes a commission of 3% on all exchanges.

More than 500 celebrities are present on the application, actors, models, sportsmen and even famous entrepreneurs. Only downside, the exchange of time between fans raises some concerns about possible fluctuations or even collapse of the exchange rate, like a real stock market!


Key figures in China, the key opinion leader market has doubled in two years, from 53 billion RMB in 2016 to 103 in 2018. More powerful than the figure of the influencer, the KOL is defined as authentic, credible and inspiring . What counts above all is the reaction of the subscribers, who make it good because they are seen as true preachers.

Miao celebrites

The relationship is seen as something rare. The available conversation time is even more valued. A way to capture the attention of a very short moment and cause frustration to … create the desire to come back to share a moment with his favorite KOL! In this sense, “MIAO A” is a service that perfectly embodies the CONNEXION engine corresponding to a clientele looking for relationships, interactions, exchanges. He also points to another trend, the possible emergence of a future influencer market place where the consumer would follow his favorite influencers around beauty, sports, etc. in one place.  The consumer decides to subscribe to this or that person and to follow the life of the products that go with it.

In this sense, the figure of KOL rests the question of the reinvention of the role of the salesman in point of sale in his relation with the customer.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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