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Elisabeth MENANT
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Seetroën by Citroën


Your kids are systematically sick when traveling by car ?
Why not trying to these very strange glasses called Seetroën designed by the studio 5•5 and offered by the automotive company Citroën.

Behind this tested and patented paramedical technology is the Boarding Glasses startup. These Seetroën glasses use Boarding Ring ™ technology. As soon as the car rolls, the blue liquid in the glasses starts to move from right to left and back and forth to simulate an artificial movement of the body and thus re-synchronize your child’s inner ear.

Lunettes Seetroën


Proposed on the website for the moment, these glasses are also quite legitimate to be sold in concession. This could come to fill a bouquet of services dedicated for example to the sight. Why not propose a technical inspection of the view when the customer drops off his car for a maintenance visit?

The brand clearly plays a role of prevention by taking care of the health and well-being of the motorists themselves.
In this, this example is emblematic of the driver of consumption foresight, the dominant driver among Tactician families, leaders and wealthy fifties*. They seek to live serenely, without stress, minimizing their feeling of insecurity. In fact, not surprising, for example, that 51% of appetent targets to this driver think to take out insurance against the dangers of the Internet (Vs France: 27%) or that 64% plan to use a remote surveillance service for their home (France: 36%).

But the foresight driver is also to keep the spirit light and to take into account the small problems of everyday life like … motion sickness! The sign mutates and then becomes a life coach. A simple way for a brand to enter the consumer’s everyday life and extend its value proposition beyond the product.

(*) Source Access Panel – Social life 2018

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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