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Reserve your standalone store for a new kind of fashion experience!

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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After test cabins in Chronopost in Paris or in the heart of Singapore with Pixibo, it is now a fashion store, Komet Story, fully automated and privatized which provides another fashion experience for consumers. 

The fact

In Rennes, the Grand Quartier shopping center has installed a private mini-shop and connected to 18 mèvery square , without a cash register or salesperson, allowing visitors to try on clothes on their own and make their purchase in total autonomy.

This experience, although ephemeral, is offered by the company Komet Story, each item on display has its own digital identity thanks to RFID tags. The ” Komet “, ultra-connected, is thus equipped with a system of chips, sensors and cameras which make it possible to know if the article is placed in its place or in the customer’s shopping cart which also allows them to leave the “Komet” without having to checkout. The shop works thanks to its “Komet Story”” app which allows you to make an appointment and book it! The interior also makes it possible to accommodate small groups of people while having a sufficient stock of clothing, without hindering the customer experience. Something to reinvent the shopping experience with your friends.


This new experience is fully in line with this dynamic of a ” distributor ” business : a format that can be used everywhere, whether in flow areas such as shopping centers or areas less well served by commerce, on the outskirts or in more rural areas. And this mobile commerce, which takes up the concept of village grocery stores, is available in all geographies and all products.

It’s also a great way here to discover new brands who don’t have the financial means to invest in a physical point of sale: they thus gain visibility by benefiting from the buzz generated by this new customer journey. We are no longer in a fixed showroom space but a mobile showroom that is renewed according to new consumer desires. In short, a commercial space that renews the surprise effect and attractiveness!

Finally, of course, reserving the box helps to make this experience special. The space not only brings novelty but is privatized. A new way to organize the points of sale of tomorrow where the consumer could with his friends could have time for him to discover new products with ease?

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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