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Matthieu JOLLY
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Because eating healthy sometimes represents an insurmountable cost, the American chain adapts the prices of its dishes to the postal code of its customers. The more disadvantaged the neighborhood, the cheaper the dish!

The fact

Across the United States, fast food outlets sell burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets. Consequently, in 16 American states, at least 35% of the inhabitants are obese. A figure up from previous years, with significant racial disparities.

Hence Everytable‘s project: to offer an alternative to junk food in each of its 31 restaurants located in California and New York by cooking healthy ready-to-use meals from fresh food. Instead of a bucket of fried chicken, the customer enjoys a chicken curry or a rice with Spanish shrimps.

Everytable restaurant

However, eating well has a cost which causes significant inequalities related to household income. Hence the idea of ​​Everytable to adapt the prices of its card according to the postal code where the customer lives. Concretely, in disadvantaged neighborhoods like Watts or Compton in Los Angeles, a Thai chicken with red curry costs $7.10 compared to $8.35 on Venice Beach and $8.75 on 6th Avenue in New York… 23% price difference.

For the consumer, the price is transparent. Indeed, when registering, he enters his contact details including his address in order to be delivered. To determine the right price, the company then cross-references the postal code with the average income statistics of residents by neighborhood.

Consumers at Everytable


By promoting access to quality food for all, Everytable provides concrete support to each community. Thanks to the Pay It Forward Program, the customer can also make his contribution by buying one or more meals for his neighbors in need. Once his payment has been made, he fills in a post-it which he posts on one of the walls of the restaurant. It is then enough for a person in need to take it to benefit from a free meal.

The decoding

The Covid-19 pandemic, the return of “galloping” inflation,… consumer purchasing power is under pressure. Thus, the discounts and coupons offered to populations weakened by the crisis, retirees and students in mind, are multiplying. In France, Intermarché offered students a €10 voucher for every €20 spent, while Casino offered them a 10% discount throughout the school year for a monthly subscription of €2.

However, in the short term, it is indeed all households that are affected by price increases. In fact, financially constrained families are also suffering. Very socially committed, Everytable allows these households to eat healthy at a lower cost. How ? Thanks to a redistributive pricing that allows it to support a maximum of families in difficulty while earning money!

17 openings are also planned in the coming months, particularly on the East Coast of the United States.

To be continued then…

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