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Look&Book by Easy Jet

Out of inspiration for your next vacation, you wander on the pictures of beautiful landscapes offered on Instagram. Your choice is made! It will be Marrakech, the red city at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. All that remains is to book a flight. With “Look & Book“, your flight is just one click away from your photo!


Do you regularly use the Easy Jet app to make your reservations? It’s not always easy to choose your destination, flight and schedule even though you do not really know which destinations to choose.
And if, on a simple stroke of heart, you decide to go to the place photographed by your peers on the social network Instagram?

This is now possible with the “Look & Book” feature.


Just capture the photo on Instagram with your smartphone, send it on the feature “Look & Book“, which then analyzes with an image recognition technology, the exact location of the photo and therefore the destination. In fact, the answer is associated with the booking form that goes with it. No need to exit the application or click on another link, everything is done in a very smooth way with a form already pre-filled fields of your destination. All you have to do is enter the missing information and precede the payment.


The choice of Instagram is not trivial, the matches are more likely to succeed with this type of social network because the images are more likely to be geolocated so they are easier to process.

Le Décodage

The new feature of Easy Jet shows that all points of contact can be worked on to encourage the purchase! The weight of social networks continues to increase, as highlighted by the latest results from the Access Panel France 2018.

22% of French use content platforms (videos, photos) against 9% in 2016. So, today in France 15% of individuals are on Instagram, they were only 7% two years ago. Admittedly, it is small but the progress is far from innocuous! Its weight is more important on the Tactician * and tense * families in particular. For this last family, this rate reaches 21%.

In fact, the common point between these two families is EASE. How to save time and recover purchasing power?
The functionality developed by Easy Jet responds well to their expectations: the power of the visual evocation of the social network Instagram allows them to dream and trigger new aspirations while the simple photo taken to go from dream to reality and in just 2 steps: the identification of the destination on the photo followed directly by the booking!

Tomorrow everything will be at your fingertips. It is in any case the return to power of the famous expression “shazamisation” of the world! As our experts also pointed out at the #CommerceReloaded 2018 conference, the smartphone camera becomes the “buy button” for the consumer.


(*) Social Profiles Demo – © Access Panel Echangeur 2018

Tactician families: rural, constraints, optimized consumption, very connected, facilitation, pleasure and experience

Tense families: CSP-, short studies, very constrained, consumption at the essential, connected, facilitation

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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