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To save the planet, buy a Sheep Inc sweater and adopt a sheep

Matthieu JOLLY
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Criticized for its environmental impact, the fashion sector has been recycling, second-hand … in short, the Circular Economy. But consumers are not fooled. This sudden illumination of Fast Fashion signs seems suspicious to say the least. What if the future of the industry came from new, innovative brands that came out of nowhere? The English DNVB Sheep Inc. is thus the first carbon negative brand … with a little something extra to discover urgently !

The fact


In 1943, the world discovered the Little Prince with this cult phrase: “Please … draw me a sheep!”. In 2021, the animal is still at the forefront of the news with the English DNVB Sheep Inc !

In a changing industry, the company has positioned itself since its creation in 2019 as the first brand in the sector to be carbon negative ! Concretely, a sweater sold by the brand has, throughout its marketing cycle, absorbed more CO2 than it took to produce it and deliver it to the customer !


sheep boite d'envoi

To achieve this feat, the company optimizes its entire value chain. It all started in New Zealand, where she sources her merino wool from three farms using regenerative farming methods. The principle of this agricultural system is to use innovative methods of land management, feeding or grazing animals to store carbon in soils and vegetation in order to effectively fight against global warming.

The sheep’s wool is collected and processed by Sheep Inc. in Europe at solar-powered production sites. Same logic for its logistics partners who also use solar energy. Next step : transport the wool from New Zealand to Europe by sailboats !


pull sheep

Of course, this process comes at a cost that the customer agrees to pay to actively contribute to preserving the planet. But the brand also turns him into a real influencer ! Each item is thus equipped with an NFC tag. By scanning it with their smartphone, the customer finds information about the manufacturing process and discovers the carbon footprint associated with their purchase. But it is above all by following the life of his adopted sheep that he will spontaneously discuss with those close to him. He can indeed geolocate it and follow his daily life. Where is he ? When was the last time it was mowed ? Did he have babies this year ?


Begun before the pandemic, the transformation of the clothing sector has accelerated further in recent months. All brands and distributors are getting into second hand while simultaneously developing ranges of eco-designed products. But for many consumers, this evolution of historical players is marked by real mistrust. Have they really changed ? Why only today ?

For Sheep Inc… no problem with carbon negative positioning as a force. Impossible to question this commitment ! It still has to succeed in emerging and differentiating itself from its competitors, in particular DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand), positioned on sustainable and eco-responsible.

By offering the client to adopt a sheep, she achieves this goal. With this simple device going beyond the simple transaction, the brand fits into the daily life of the consumer with the feat of moving from the digital world to the real world.

Finally, while the circular economy is based on its 3 R (reduce, reuse, recycle), Sheep Inc. is paving the way for an even more positive economy by replacing the R of recycle by that of regenerative !

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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