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Need a car? Opel will give you a free one if you create a buzz on YouTube while driving one of the brand’s vehicles!

Matthieu JOLLY
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Opel pay with views

You want a new car but you’re broke. There’s no need to wait! Book a test drive at your local dealership. During that test drive, make a video and post it on YouTube. If you get over 922,800 views, Opel will give you an Astra worth €23,000!


OnStar personal assistant, 4G Wi-Fi, IntelliLink system, myOpel app, DAB+ and Apple CarPlay. The limited “Online edition” is definitely not lacking in features. To finally convince yourself, book a road test at your dealership to try out how it drives.

Don’t forget to shoot a video while you’re trying out the car. It doesn’t matter whether its quirky, funny or touching… as long as it goes viral! And once posted on YouTube, it might even allow you to get a new car without having to pay a single euro! For example: with 739,600 views, you go home behind the wheel of a brand new Opel Corsa Online Edition! If your talents as an actor or director are limited, you can still leave with a prize. An iPad cover will only cost you 3,000 views, while for 5,160 views you can get a Little Adam car for your kids.

So don’t wait a second longer. Grab your smartphone or camera and try to beat the 21 million views that film “Cars are for humans” got, in which Spiderman attacks a dealership.


After the wave of crypto-currencies, the German manufacturer is inaugurating a video-currency… one more milestone in the upheaval of the automobile sector. Its boundaries have been shattered: openings of automatic car vending machine (Alibaba & Ford in China), delivering a test vehicle to your home (Amazon & Renault in France), and online purchase with no-cost returns for 7 days (Carvana in the USA). Today, a vehicle is bought at a dealership, on the internet, is rented, is traded, is lent… The automobile has adapted to the emergence of the connected consumer by jumping head first into the world of ambient commerce.

As such, social networks are an excellent way of informing consumers and sharing experiences wherever they may be. Their importance continues to grow, as shown by the 2018 results of Access Panel Echangeur France. In the last two years, the use of instant messengers and video and photo sharing websites has exploded. Today, 22% of French people use these content platforms, compared to 9% in 2016. For young target audiences and homes with children or teenagers, the rate exceeds 30%.

Opel pay with views

These vital networks are at the heart of the Connection consumption driver. Still, communication isn’t everything… even if in the case of Opel, the number of visits to their website has jumped by 72%. As demonstrated by “Pay with views”, the challenge for brands and retailers is to successfully mobilise their communities, and turn some customers into true product ambassadors, such as with or Dacia with their open days. In the case of the latter, motorists are invited to contact a driver to make an appointment to try the car in real life. Of course, this evolution has an impact on dealership and the role of salespeople. But bear in mind that employees and consumers are one and the same protean person: buyer then salesperson and now advertiser…

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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