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Elisabeth MENANT
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Patagonia, an activist company per excellence, marks a new step towards educating its consumers. From 26 September to 17 October, Londoners can visit an ephemeral coffee in the heart of the City to facilitate the action of citizens who want to take action on climate change but do not necessarily know where to start. 

"Action Works": The concept

The “Action Works” web platform is now also available in Europe, since September. In the United States, it already attracts some half a million people. But what is this approach? 

Support an association with Patagonia

Faithful to its claim of 20 years of “Using the company to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”, Patagonia has therefore taken a new step forward by offering consumers the opportunity to support local action, either financially or in terms of skills. The company also gives consumers the opportunity to sign online petitions in support of causes that are important to them or simply to participate in various local events.

Thus, you can get involved in France for the association “Les amis de la Terre”, defend biodiversity in Barcelona under the colours of the Fundació Universitària Balmes or the ecological group“Ecologia e Cooperazione” in Rome.

This platform is also available as a point of sale. This is the case, for example, in the store recently opened by Patagonia in Berlin. Customers who enter in the store can discover the actions carried out by local organizations and also register for the various support, animation or acculturation programs. Indeed, anyone can participate, whatever their level of commitment, whether they are a beginner wanting to get more involved or an activist who is already convinced. The approach is open to all because it is unity that makes the strength. 


The wall of 24 "action postcards"

The ephemeral store in London is directly in line with this trend of citizen’s engagement. For Patagonia, it is a question of giving a showcase to their new approach that is coming to Europe.

In the pop-up store, the customer, while enjoying a coffee (all the turnover will be donated to English charities), can meet activists who explain their commitment and actions around the climate, read inspiring books to face the climate crisis, register for workshops or conferences on the subject.

But it is the wall of 24 “action postcards” that attracts attention. Pick up one and… Take the time to read it! Each of the 24 postcards details different actions that the reader can take to combat climate change and biodiversity loss, from signing petitions to filing lawsuits. The different actions you can participate in depend on the time you can devote to them.

Thus, some will advise you on how to “become carbon free” or “save the whale from extinction”. There are also eight competency cards that offer the opportunity to do qualified volunteer work with various NGOs, such as photography or accounting.

Decline the local for a global impact!

With the launch of its “Action Works” initiative, Patagonia intends to unite a global community through the web platform, and a local one through its implementation at the point of sale, to encourage consumers to take action in the face of the climate crisis.

This twofold dimension has a considerable impact on all the associations that work to preserve biodiversity, for example. The consumer feels less alone and less helpless, especially since he can, if he so wishes, find the associations mentioned next to him. A support allowing him to meet them, discuss, understand and even take action.

Because, despite all the good will, it is not always easy to find the time (47% of French people are forced by time according to the Access Panel Echangeur) or the means to change their behaviour. Patagonia is intended to be a facilitator to help consumers who are ready to take the next step with a little help. In this, the brand clearly addresses the “Realization” engine or how a brand or a company can support new services to support its customer until the realization of its project.

No judgment here but different steps proposed to everyone, from acculturation, to tutoring or volunteering to achieve this. To each his own activism. 

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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