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Matthieu JOLLY
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Henceforth customers no longer need to use their debit card, they can pay simply with their number plate.

The facts

Already installed in 33 Group Auchan service stations in Spain, the “Automatric” solution is starting to be deployed further afield. An agreement on deploying the solution to 25 Jumbo superstores in Portugal has just been announced.

Customers no longer need any conventional means of payment when they go to a petrol station. They just need to register first on the “Automatric” site and enter their vehicle’s registration number and bank details. When they reach the service station, their number plate is recognized by one of the installed cameras. They then enter their four-digit PIN code to confirm the transaction on the terminal. After they have filled up, they receive the minibill by e-mail. The solution has been developed by Oney Banque Accord.


The innovation here resides in the recognition of number plates, which further simplifies the customer experience. No longer any need to present a barcode, an order number or even an NFC-enabled smartphone to be identified. Nor does one need to use one’s bank card any more.

With this service, Auchan has taken a significant step towards offering an efficient solution to the problems of its customers, especially families.

For the vast majority of them, shopping is a real chore. No surprise there, as they are pressed for time. Drives too are a relevant solution to such constraints. By doing away with the “shop” stage, customers have more time to spend.

Indeed, there are plans to deploy the “Automatric” payment system to drive-through pick-up points. The customer experience would be considerably enriched. With vehicle recognition on arrival, customers can now be greeted individually without first needing to identify themselves.
The solution offered by Auchan fully addresses one of the seven drivers of European consumer spending underscored by Echangeur: Facilitation.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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