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Elisabeth MENANT
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The new Mecca for video game enthusiasts is called Xperion, the new store of the distributor Saturn, a chain of stores for home appliances and multimedia, open in Cologne. Its goal? Become the unique reference point on the themes of video games, e-sport, virtual reality and social networks and be “the largest entertainment store in the world”!

And this point of sale is impressive. On 3,000 m2 spread over two levels, in the middle of the afternoon, it is filled with young adults or teenagers playing on game consoles or experiencing other immersive experiences. Enough to recruit future customers for the distributor. The space is totally free for users who can spend hours there. The store is built by brands (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc.) that allow this young generation to play.

The economic model for Saturn is therefore all found: renting its spaces to brands but on site, nothing is for sale except goodies of all kinds. The store also wants to federate its community of game fans since it offers for example live broadcasting of e-sport competition or to discover in preview the latest news. In the centre of the store, a bar, sponsored by Red Bull, offers fast food and drinks. The store is open from 1pm to 9pm on weekdays and until 10pm on weekends. The new outing with friends is all found!

Choose your corner of brands!

Whether you’re a fan of PS4, Xbox or Nintendo consoles, you won’t have to choose anymore! Just test the corner of brands that suits you best and change games as many times as you want.

image représentant le stand PlayStation

Watch an esport competition

In the store, watch the broadcasts of esport competitions with your friends. The store is a meeting place for fans of all kinds of games, and it asserts its position as the number one outlet for young and old.

image représentant un écran sur lequel est diffusé un tournoi de e-sport

Lunch on the go

Looking for a little break? Like the entire store space, the catering service is operated directly by a brand. Here, Red Bull provides service at the bar and snacks. There’s plenty of energy and… Keep playing.

image représentant un espace, avec la marque Red Bull, où l'on peut prendre des déjeuners ou des encas

Test virtual reality headsets

The store’s appeal is also to offer immersive experiences as a preview! Test the latest Meta solutions for a 100% virtual immersion, here is also one of the attractions of the point of sale.

image représentant un atelier où il est possible de tester des casques de réalité virtuelle
Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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