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With L’Atelier Félin, Royal Canin enters into a direct relationship with cat owners to help them in their daily life

Matthieu JOLLY
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With its Atelier Félin, the cat and dog food specialist answers all the questions of owners, advising them on the behavior, adoption and feeding of their pet. The goal is to recruit to the brand.

The concept

After a successful first trial in 2021, Royal Canin is perpetuating the experiment by opening, for two years, L’Atelier Félin, a space dedicated to the well-being and balance of cats. Why is this? Because today, it is clear that in the event of a problem with their pet, the vast majority of owners find themselves at a loss.

“Discover all the secrets of your cat”! The promise displayed on the front of the store sets the tone. In the heart of the 110 m² space, owners receive nutritional advice and can meet with behaviorist experts to provide better care for their pet.

Why visit the store

Meet an expert

Whether in-store or via videoconference, a team of behavior and nutrition experts is available to provide advice and help you care for your pet. While the first 15 minutes is free, a more in-depth discussion will cost from €40 (30 minutes) to €70 (1 hour).


Adapting the diet

Each animal is unique. Its needs differ according to its breed, age and lifestyle. At the boutique, the experts will advise you on a suitable diet as well as accessories or products related to your cat’s health.


Discover Royal Canin

You are not familiar with the brand founded in 1968 in France. Take the time to discover its history, its missions but also its current presence in over 100 countries.


Draw a cat

The store has an area for children. Ask them to draw the cat of their dreams so that you can have a quiet chat with one of the experts.


Adopt a cat

In connection with shelters and associations, the store regularly organizes adoption days to help you adopt the cat that best suits your lifestyle.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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