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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Compared to Europeans food brands, Whole Foods Markets is a UFO. The concept is based on responsible consumption, which generates ones well-being and personal fulfilment. 

The brand positions itself as 100% ethical, local and responsible. Whole Foods Market is also well known for its management, which is very conscientious of its collaborators satisfaction and happiness.

  • A strong and unique concept
  • Engaging the community : clients, children, employees, providers and shareholders
  • These values are conveyed throughout the signs and boards all over the store
  • Ready made meals are available to take out or eat in
  • The service Google | Apple pay is available

What to do and see

Discover the products

Throughout the store, the origins and quality standards of the products are clearly displayed. Don’t hesitate to read the message left on the different surfaces available : origins, production conditions, regulatory compliance, CSR policy, etc…

Eat in store

Clients can buy ready-made meals that can be eaten in or out of the store. Thanks to the cardboard food packaging, customers can create their own dish. The order will go through check-out and be recycled at the end of the meal.

Benefit from various services

The community at the heart of the brands strategy : yoga classes, master classes, events with schools…

Support a good cause

Whole Food Planet has high hopes for a more just and equitable world. The brand’s foundation backs micro enterprises  by helping fund their projects.

Donate to a charity

When paying for your items, the screen gives you the chance to donate to a charity. This is a societal engagement you to make the world a more just place. 

The store in pictures

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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