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What’s Hot in NYC … Deep dive in 5 Concept stores in New York

Bertrand Leseigneur
4 minutes

Audience remains the key word for stores. Attracting a community of young parents, driving traffic with exclusives, having products tested or automating the customer journey is essential for commerce.
Physical stores are still very important! The latest openings or trends in NYC continue to underscore this.

Test DTC Lalo brand products

The DTC brand Lalo which offers furniture for child just opened its first and only store in NYC.

This flagship store features multiple exploration zones that replicate a living room, dining room, nursing area and more. Its objective is to allow parents and children to move around in this space. Visitors can thus experience the products as if they were in their own home.

The spaces are equipped with high chairs, crockery, play kits… The brand is also presenting its emblematic humidifier. Thus displayed, these products serve as antidotes to skeptical of online shopping! The brand offers its consumers the opportunity to touch, see and discover the quality and design of each product for a easy to use.

The place wishes to federate the community of future or young parents. Lalo offers a Play Coffee, training courses and parking for strollers in this flagship store.

DTC Lalo

Attracting customers through exclusive partnerships

To attract customers to the store, it is important to provide an exclusive offer to the distributor. Target is one of the leaders in this field. The brand collaborates with brands such as Levis or Lego for product lines on sale only in these stores.

Collaboration Target NYC

This is also the case for Leica, who recently collaborated with Vault by Vans. The camera in this collaboration, is covered with the iconic checkerboard pattern of Vans, the plate of the device includes the signature of Barbee (athlete and professional skateboarder). He is an influential artist who has been using the Leica M camera for several years.

Leica & Vans collaboration

The brand PUMA also continues its collaborations with many other brands. She has made it her business since the brands are exclusive to the NYC store. A great way to attract flow!

Puma exclusivités NYC

Make people want to buy an electric car in NYC

Lucid Motors, builder of high-end electric vehicle, opened a showroom store, the 8th in the world.

Visitors can discover the “Lucid Air” model in store. and find out more about the full range. The design of the point of sale highlights the high-end values of the model. Customers can examine the options of the electric vehicle range one by one.

Thus, using a 4K VR configurator, the consumer can test and then customize the “Lucid Air” model to the smallest detail, from the interior finishes and materials to the exterior color.

Lucid motors

Test the automated removal of your Dumpling order

Brooklyn Dumpling shop is a Quick service restaurant without human interaction which offers more than 22 varied menus based on the same ingredient: ravioli. Located in a young and active district, the chain took advantage of the Covid effect to rethink its restaurant.

It has thus installed technologies to meet customer demand for catering that minimizes the risk of contamination. Temperature analysis sensors have been discreetly installed and UV lights are supposed to destroy germs on customers’ clothes.

To order, the customer chooses their menu on the spot on a kiosk with touch screenss. The long-term objective of the chain is to remove them and only offer orders from customers’ mobile phones, always with a concern for hygiene. When the order is ready, it is deposited in one of the restaurant’s 23 white lockers.

A digital screen indicates the orders being prepared. Once ready your order will be displayed on the screen. All you have to do is approach the wall of lockers, scan your receipt and the appropriate locker will automatically open for you to collect your order.

Tomorrow, without terminals, the space will accommodate kitchens and more space to allow eating on site.

brooklyn dumpling shop
Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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