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Undiz is the “young” lingerie brand of the ETAM group. In January 2015, the brand made the headlines by launching its new store format in downtown Toulouse, the “Undiz Machine”. Targeting millennials as closely as possible with a different in-store experience, in small spaces, these were the two challenges that the brand sought to meet. In July 2015, Undiz Machine opened in Paris, using the interactive codes of the Toulouse store.

  • Touch-sensitive terminals to consult and access the entire offer, regardless of the location of the products (in reserve or sales area). No more digging around to find the right item!
  • A pneumatic tube system for shipments of capsules in less than 1 and a half minutes
  • The “online” counterpart of the “click & capsule” service for ordering online and looking for your capsule in store.

Why visit the store?


Order a product

Select an article from an interactive terminal. Also look at the article suggestions. It’s hard not to be tempted by some additional purchases. The cross-sell experience seems to be paying off …


Enter your first name on the screen to personalize your capsule. Undiz also offers to subscribe to its newsletter to benefit from good deals. An effective way to enrich the brand’s CRM database.


In less than 1 and a half minutes, the items you have selected arrive from the storage space in the basement in air-powered capsules.


These tags make it possible to locate the articles, to follow them in real time and to make complete inventories quickly (1 hour and 15 minutes for 25,000 items).

Download the app

Play the complementarity between the store and the application: order from the application or test the “label scan” function in store.

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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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