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The Evolution of Kuaishou: From Video Platform to E-Commerce

Daniela Salazar
4 minutes

Chinese short video and social media powerhouse, Kuaishou, is fast evolving into a super-app. The platform is intensively expanding its range of services by cultivating strategic partnerships, presenting users with a multifaceted ecosystem within the app.

China has experienced an impressive upswing in the emergence of extensive applications and platforms, indicative of a technological transformation within the nation. Some of these platforms are now playing a major role, offering a remarkable range of services, such as grab, which lets you order food, booking transport and hotels.

But other platforms, such as Kuaishou, are gradually establishing themselves on the market. As of now, Kuaishou platform boasts the distinction of being the second-largest video application in China, enchanting over 376 million daily active users. Moreover, Kuaishou is also actively trying to expand its services. In fact, Kuaishou has been working on e-commerce integrations, providing a versatile ecosystem for users and businesses.

Indeed, over the past few years, Kuaishou has been forging partnerships with major companies such as to extend and diversify its service offer. For instance, by the end of 2021, Kuaishou started a partnership with Meituan, a Chinese shopping platform for locally found consumer products and retail services. As a result of this collaboration, businesses using Meituan can provide meal discounts and pre-order services to customers through Kuaishou. This synergy is facilitated through the integration of Meituan’s “mini-program” directly within the short-video platform. In return, Kuaishou users can order food seamlessly without the need to exit the platform.

Through their partnerships, Kuaishou is now a platform that acts as an intermediary between e-commerce sites and their customers. The app effectively monetizes its traffic through online marketing services, live streaming rewards, and seamless integration with e-commerce. This collaborative effort not only enhances convenience for users on both platforms but is also anticipated to be mutually advantageous for these tech giants. By combining their user bases, it paves the way for broader outreach and a more streamlined system for online food purchases, offering significant benefits to all parties involved.

All in all, there is no denying that Kuaishou is making steady progress on its path to becoming a super-app, offering a huge range of services and possibilities for its users to enjoy.

Why visit the app?

1/Entertain yourself with a great video and social media application

Kuaishou flourishes by championing authenticity and fostering real humanconnections. While using the app, you will have the possibility to access a huge diversity of content. For instance, from everyday life to cooking classes and trendy videos, you’ll have access to a dense and varied range of content to meet the needs of every user.

2/Create your own content and share it with the community

Kuaishou’s user-friendly interface and features further bolster its appeal, simplifying content creation, exploration, and interpersonal engagement for its users. You can share photos, videos and text, and you can customize them using a wide range of tools (filters, effects, music, etc). You can also make live and post daily stories. To help you even more in your content creation, you can use templates generated by the app in order to create content easily and in a better way.

3/Access a wide range of products

Kuaishou offers a complete shopping experience. Other than watching content, you can also go shopping for a wide range of products directly on the platform. Within the application, there are storefronts and dedicated pages sorted by types of products such as food or everyday necessities.

4/Discover live streaming features

Thanks to this functionality, you can either buy items presented live, or sell your products while doing live streaming. If you’re a buyer, you can enjoy live streaming shows, and buy the items you want. If you’re a seller, you can take the opportunity to show your product and make your brand famous thanks to Kuaishou. You also have the possibility to exchange virtual items using Kuaishou Coins and then reward these items to live streamers.

5/ Take advantage of a super app functionalities (Kwaitube, Games)

Kuaishou is also extending its services to give you access to a whole new range of functions. Now, if you want to be entertained, you can download games directly via the application. If you’re looking for relaxation, you can use Kwaitube, directly on the app, which directs you to a platform of video content, broadcasts and mini-series.

Daniela Salazar
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