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Advice on swimming better


The swimwear store Speedo is already well-known for offering to customize accessories to fit your body shape through the use of 3D scanning. The store reinforces its “coaching” approach with practical advice and connected objects.

The concept

devanture speedo

Speedo is an Australian brand founded in 1914. The company started out by making underwear. Today it is a subsidiary of British group Pentland headquartered in Nottingham in England. It is now one of the biggest sellers of swimsuits and swimwear in the world.

The London store is meant to be the reflection of an interactive point of sale, among other things with its digital walls. But it is above all the reflection of its positioning as coach vis-à-vis its customers that is the most interesting point (in-store advice, on the walls, connected objects, etc.).


Why visiting the store

Scanner votre corps


Thanks to 3D technology, you can get a made-to-measure swimsuit. Just enter a cubicle to scan your body. 3D tech is not new: the brand already uses it to offer glasses that perfectly fit yout face.

Mesurer ses performances


Jumping on the fitness tracking applications bandwagon, Speedo Shine lets you track the number of lengths you do in the swimming pool. Interactive screens in the store broadcast videos showing you how to improve your swimming techniques.

Récupérer les informations


A digital wall presents the new ranges, identifies product benefits, training material on swimming techniques and details of the Speedo Fit application. Tomorrow you will be able to approach sales assistants as if they were your personal coach.



A logical extension of online/offline, tablets are available to let you order products that are unavailable in store. The brand opts for the complementarity of channels and in so doing updates its customer database.

Ne sortez plus de la cabine


Rather than coming out of the cubicle to ask your loved ones what they think of your swimsuit, ask them to draw the red curtain.

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