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Solana, the store to discover blockchain and Web 3!

Bertrand Leseigneur
3 minutes

The first Solana Spaces store opened at the Hudson Yards in New York. 

Solana is a public blockchain platform based on Smart Contracts. Known as Ethereum Killer, Solana prides itself on being faster and more efficient than its competitor Ethereum. Its native cryptocurrency is SOL.
When the store opened, Vibhu Norby (the founder of B8ta, the experiential store that showcased a regular selection of innovative products) explained that the store is intended to teach new users how to use decentralized applications (DApps). This store must also be used to take thousands of people into the Solana blockchain. In short, it is a place of learning for people who discover the blockchain even if it is also a shop.

Why visit the store?

Create a wallet:

The Solana Foundation helped fund the launch of the shop. Many small experiences are offered to the public to help them better understand the benefits of Blockchain technology. This will allow you to create your Solana Phantom wallet. In fact, store employees can take customers to a private space to set up their Phantom wallet (the most popular Solana wallet) and write down their opening sentence (a secret string of words that acts as a secure access code to the wallet) on a small card to keep in a safe place.

Earn NFT

Several NFT and cryptocurrencies, including the USDC, are unlockable for visitors who take the mini trainings offered on Solana projects, including, Stepn (Web3 application around physical health and lifestyle), Orca (a cryptocurrency exchange service), Metaplex (a tool for creating and launching NFTs) and Magic Eden (a NFTs marketplace).  Customers receive an NFT for in-store training. 
Payment by Solana Pay is also encouraged. All items offered in the store are available for purchase by credit card, but customers who decide to use Solana Pay will receive substantial discounts.

See the course of your NFT:

If you want, you can connect your Phantom Wallet to project your Solana NFT on a wall of digital screens, to show that you are part of the insider community. There is also an interactive installation showing all transactions and processes on the Solana blockchain as they occur in real time. Customers can view transactions completed and the NFT are created live on the screen to demonstrate Solana’s capability.

Be privileged:

The store exhibits a limited edition physical and digital pair of shoes designed in collaboration with Blanksoles. Blanksoles is the first decentralized sneaker company that allows anyone to design and wear their own pair of premium custom sneakers.

300 Blanksoles physical trainers have been made available for purchase in stores. People who were able to buy the shoe immediately received an NFT from its digital double.

Becoming a Trader:

The store also allows you to discover their Android smartphone called Saga. 

Users will be able to download Apps, including trading platforms and NFT marketplaces. The device will also include physical security measures and tools for developers to publish their own products.

The phone should be delivered in early 2023.

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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