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Elisabeth MENANT
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You'll never buy the wrong size again thanks to your Sizzy measurements!

A 3D scan technology for custom measurements

The concept

The concept

Finding the right size and its equivalent according to brand is always an uphill struggle. Indeed, nearly 1 in 4 off-the-peg garments (23%) purchased online in France are returned to the sender. The consequences for the e-commerce site are also costly: on average it loses €8 (logistics and repackaging) on each return. And yet, each retail chain knows the precise measurements of its standards in cm. So it is a matter of retrieving the size guides of brands to store them in a database and match them with the unique measurements of each person. That is Sizzy’s strategy. By deploying its 3D scan cabins, a retailer lets anyone take their individual measurements to the nearest centimetre. Plans are being considered to deploy these cabins in busy places: airports, shopping centre, gymnasia, etc.

The test

Go to a Sizzy centre to take your measurements!

For 9 euros, you can test the equivalent of a genuine tailor, but for the general public. Like for a medical examination, you find yourself in the cabin in your underwear. In under 5 seconds the 12 sensors around the cabin can reconstruct up to 200 measuring points. Only 6 are needed for ready-to-wear clothes, enabling you subsequently to buy clothes online or in-store. You can have the same experience and get a 3D scan of your feet. If you practise sports, do not hesitate to request additional measuring points for a more accurate record (thigh, waist, etc.).

Create your account on the Sizzy site

To access your measurements, just create an account on the Sizzy site. On it you can even add all the body scans of your family or friends who agree to share them with you. No more risk of choosing the wrong shirt collar size for your brother’s next gift! On your account you can obviously access all your scans as and when they are created. If you are on a diet for instance, this materializes the results of your efforts by visualizing changes in your body data. One can also easily imagine the benefits that retailers can derive from such customer knowledge: hiring rather than buying your sports outfit during your diet, as it will no longer fit in 3 months for instance!

Buy online or in store!

The experience does not stop there, as it is an omnichannel one. The Sizzy mobile app lets you scan the barcode on a label in store with your smartphone. Sizzy tells you if the size matches you or whether you need a larger or smaller size. The same experience on the e-commerce sites of Sizzy partners. Customers only need to click a Sizzy button when choosing a size to check that it fits.

Our feedback


Concerning e-commerce, Sizzy eliminates the risk inherent in not being able to try on purchased clothes. In bricks-and-mortar stores, Sizzy avoids the need to try clothes on. The time saving for consumers is self-evident. As the data is accessible in 3D, it also lets you design your avatar and thus try on clothes at home on your sofa. Better still, if you are ready to reveal your body to the brand or retailer, instead of the endless promotional e-mails valid in store, they can send you your avatar customized with an outfit matching your tastes along with a special offer. A new way of recognizing and sustaining customer loyalty. Other sectors can use this 3D scan technology to address consumers’ need for recognition. In effect, 3D scan technology combined with 3D printing could be used to create custom-made equipment. In the DIY sector for instance, a precise measurement of your hand could be used to print made-to-measure tools…

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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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