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Sheroes, the social network that allows Indian women entrepreneurs to sell their creations and products

Céline Delacharlerie
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Sheroes is a social network that brings together 16 million women entrepreneurs in India, and helps them to exchange on various topics, ranging from business creation, recruitment, health or training. Many of these entrepreneurs use the platform as a sales tool, including through the Sheroes Bazaar community, which allows them to present their own creations and products, or resell second-hand items.

What is Sheroes' concept?

Started with the aim of encouraging the empowerment of women in Indian society, the platform initially allowed users to exchange on business topics, find a job or prepare for interviews. The platform has become increasingly popular.

Today, the Sheroes ecosystem allows small businesses to grow in all areas: access to buyers, understand trends, expand its network by meeting other entrepreneurs and creators, learn about financial lending opportunities. All these services are possible by joining the appropriate groups: Money Matters, SHE startup, Sheroes in tech, Bazaar, etc.

Sheroes’ founder had previously set up several tech companies. Her main motivation is to help other women and transform the male-dominated world of work in India. 10,000 members were able to develop their business thanks to Sheroes.

The group has since its inception raised €1.85 million by private investors that include directors of Google India and Flipkart, Amazon’s main competitor. The last fund-raising, the value of which remained confidential, took place in 2018 by Leo Capital.

Sheroes received this year the IAMAI Digital Awards for its economic and social impact and aims to reach 100 million members within 3 years.

Why visit the site or download the Sheroes app?

ventes ciblées

Sell your products in a targeted manner

The “Bazaar” community is reserved for the sale and purchase of items, without commission. Social commerce is also found in other communities, from “Fashionistas” to “Art Craft & Photography”. These communities are in fact publication feeds, where members can post photos and product descriptions and initiate a conversation that can lead to a sale that takes place outside the platform.

Users can apply for training and become “accredited saleswomen” (SHECO) to increase their visibility, reassure buyers and obtain a “CHAT TO BUY” button.


Interact and learn about a targeted community

Similar to Facebook, the platform allows retail entrepreneurs to interact regularly with consumers and conduct marketing surveys (questionnaires, votes, etc.).

sheroes summit

Physical encounters to maintain social and trust

Sheroes does not stop at its digital platforms and encourages the meeting also with the organization of events like the #SheroesSummit, organized every year since 2016 in several cities of India.

Members meet there and contractors can present their products. Since the Covid-19 crisis, Sheroes has been conducting webinars with a variety of topics to meet the different interests of its members.

conseils financiers

Obtain financial advice

How to raise funds?” is one of the most frequently asked questions on the platform. Sheroes has established several partnerships to provide training or mentoring to its members on the subject.


Getting support in a controlled environment

The platform is exclusively dedicated to women over 12 and ensures that profiles are truthful. Sheroes strongly emphasizes the importance of the propriety of comments and posts, and encourages members to report abusive posts. Sympathy, educational debate and inclusion of all are the main values that promote on the network.

The founder intervenes from time to time during webinars. In addition, a chatbot helpline allows entrepreneurs to access consultants and receive support at any time.
Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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