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If you love bicycles, coffee or both, Look Mum No Hands! is a must see in London.

The concept


Le concept


Look Mum No Hands has been founded in 2010 by three fans of cycling. The concept store, based on 1500m², is made of a store, a repair workshop and a restaurant.
As soon as you enter this very atypical space, you have the feeling to be somewhere familiar, very homey, where you will come across cycling aficionados, employees on their way to work as well as families having lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Since its launch one of the main goals was to offer a space opened to all Londoners. The name itself brings back memories of our childhood when we first learnt to ride a bicycle. This informal positioning is the strength of this place and a good way to differentiate itself from its competitors such as Rapha Cycle Clubs, Lock 7, etc.
No doubt that you will like Look Mum No Hands! and that you will leave the store with your arms full of products or LMNH goodies.
This product range has been created after clients requests. This is a true marker of the trust of its clients. It demonstrates the relationship between the brand and its customers.

To do during the visit

Take your time

Coming from Old Street, you will be amazed by the serenity of the place soon as you park your bicycle in the garden.

With extended opening hours (7:30 am to 10:00pm on week days) you can actually stay there for as long as you want. LMNH is indeed well known as a meeting point for Londoners.

Enjoy a coffee break

Need energy? Go help yourself at the counter. Breakfast is available from 7:30am. The coffee shop closes at 10:00pm, you will therefore be able to have a beer on your way back from the office or to enjoy a slice of homemade cake. (Banana – chocolate is a must have!)

Buy goodies

In store or online, you will surely find great ideas for your next gifts. Because LMNH’s fans where asking for it, they created a whole range of LMNH products: cycling jerseys, beanies, board games or mugs.

Get your bicycle fixed

For your bicycle, the repair workshop stands right in the center of the store. 5 mechanics are onsite to help you fix your bicycle: from a flat tire to a complete check up!

You can even come to a thematic class to become a repair expert!

Interact with the community

Check out the LMNH’s calendar and come to participate in one of their numerous events either inside the store: book launches, knitting classes, photos exhibitions, etc.) or outside (speed-dating, cycling gatherings, etc.).

These are great opportunities to meet up with other fans of the LMNH’s community!

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Matthieu JOLLY
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