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Have a coffee and discover artists at Cadillac House !

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The automotive sector innovates in lifestyle

On the ground floor of its new New York headquarters, Cadillac has created Cadillac House, a living space without sales staff but with a café, an art gallery and an area for young fashion designers.

Cadillac House NYC


Cadillac has created a lounge called Cadillac House. This space is situated at the foot of its headquarters in the centre of New York. Here it’s not about the customer buying a car but rather about experiencing it.


Cadillac House is a place of superb design. This place of discovery is atypical as it blends art, design and shopping.


Why visiting the store ?

Cadillac House NYC

Discover the brand's vehicles freely

Here it’s not about the customer buying a car but rather about experiencing. Three vehicles are on display. Anyone can get inside them, open the boot or look under the bonnet without the intervention of any sales staff. If someone needs more information, a hostess will direct them to the dealership of their choice.

Cadillac House NYC

Have a coffee or work

The Cadillac House has a café in partnership with the Joe Coffee and a lounge area with many sofas and work tables. This is a key partnership for Cadillac, given the importance of cafés in New Yorker’s life. Consequently, you can relax there, leaf through an art book, work on a project or arrange an appointment with a customer.

Cadillac House NYC

Discover the young fashion designers

The exhibition area welcomes the young designers in partnership with The Council of Fashion of America. They are invited to create a pop-up store for 3 months to experience the thrill of opening a store. During that period, the young designers are supported by Cadillac teams, and given training in sales, customer reception and store management.

Cadillac House NYC

Wander around an art gallery

An area is set aside for exhibitions of artists, whether they are photos, sculptures or an immersion into a virtual psychedelic world, as was the case in January 2017.

Cadillac House NYC

Organize an event

During the New York Fashion Week, the 3 car showrooms give way to a fashion show. The venue can also be hired privately and customized for business events.

Cadillac House NYC

Discover screens for decoration & broadcasting

Multiple screens are arrayed in this concept for decoration. They bring the place to life and play an entrancing role, showcasing the brand’s vehicles.

Live the experience in photos

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