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Dive into an augmented reality experience at the new Nike store in Seoul!

Céline Delacharlerie
3 minutes

The new Nike store in Seoul offers a unique digital experience to its customers who rely on QR codes to offer augmented reality experiences and product customization. In addition, reserved spaces are available and specially equipped for the creation of social media content.

Nike has never hidden its desire to revolutionize the retail sector. And for that, the brand is convinced that the digital sector is the key. The creation of its first three “House of Innovation” perfectly illustrates this desire to integrate a digital experience in its stores. Indeed, the latest, opened in Paris in 2020, offers a multitude of playful digital experiences for children as well as a wall screen connected to the communities of its two other innovation houses in Shanghai and New York.

However, the integration of digital in the customer experience is not yet as advanced as the sports giant’s ambition. Hence the opening of the Nike Style Store in the artistic district of Hongdae in Seoul in July 2022, in which augmented reality occupies a predominant place. Indeed, this store represents the current climax of what some people call the phygital experience: a mixture of physical and digital experience. A set of QR codes scattered across the store shelves provide access to unique experiences: create your own Nike product from scratch! Choose the type of clothing or footwear, its cut, size, color and other features. Become your own designer. Or use virtual mannequins to try outfits and combinations of accessories for you!

The digital experience does not stop there. In addition to highlighting the artistic content of the shop, spaces for creating online content are available. Whether you’re an influencer or just going out with your friends, tools like green backgrounds or bases for cameras allow you to create quality online content for your social networks.

In addition, to promote freedom of expression and gender, Nike has created gender-free shelves for a full range of products such as shoes, sweaters or other accessories.

This new Nike concept store in Seoul is the first of many. Indeed, a second one is supposed to open its doors in Shanghai by the end of the year.

Why visit the Shop?

Enjoy a unique augmented reality experience while shopping!

Discover the many QR codes scattered throughout the store, each offering an exceptional digital experience during your visit! Nike Style Seoul is one of the first stores in the world to incorporate augmented reality service into its customer experience. 

Create online content

You have green screens and filming equipment such as phone or camera holders to make online content of the best possible quality. Whether you are an influencer or a passing fan, take advantage of this material and get started!

Create and customize your own Nike product!

Can’t find the product you were looking for? Nothing matches your expectations? No worries, imagine and customize your product according to your own tastes on the available shelves and make sure you have a unique product!

Discover that fashion has no gender at Nike

Discover the gender-neutral shelves of the Nike Style Store and the hidden faces of models: no room for gender bias or dress codes in this store.  Give free rein to your desires and your personality thanks to all Nike products at your disposal.

Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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