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In london, flash to purchase your organic groceries

Matthieu JOLLY
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Planet Organic

In London, Planet Organic has deployed a year ago a mobile payment solution called Yoyo Wallet at the cash registers. This is one of key points of interest of this food chain, which has been the first in the UK to be certified bio.



Launched in 1995, Planet Organic was the very first British brand to be certified organic. Today, its seven supermarkets sell a wide range of organic foods, without GMO’s, that respect the environment and also man-kind. The brand pays particular attention to the well-being of its client, supplier and employee community by, for example, funding a number of non-profit projects.


We find points of interest like a dining area, “Smart” labels that inform consumers of different ingredients and allergies,  a payment app (Yoyo Wallet) allowing clients to pay very easily and quickly with their smartphones and a very active community in store and on the brands blog

Why visit the store

Start the day off right

Other than do you weekly shop, you can grab a bite to eat in the store. If you’re not too keen on the porridge, place an order at the counter, your order is put together with fresh produce right before your eyes.


Chose the right product

In the aisles, smart labels help you quickly find the product adapted to your diet. The green “O” stands for organic, the blue “V+” stands for Vegan, the purple “GF” stands for “Gluten Free” and so on…


Reduce your carbon footprint

Other than the vegetal wall at the entrance of the store, you’ll find a water bar on the second floor with a low carbon impact.

Pay with your mobile phone

Once you arrive at the check-out, all you need to do is scan your QR code integrated in the Yoyo Wallet app in order to pay for your shopping and gain loyalty points.



Meet the community

The be in good health, eating well isn’t enough : you need to live well. Yoga classes, children’s cooking lessons or group runs are regularly organized.

The experience in video

The store in pictures

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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