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Pay for your razor blades thanks to your health insurance

The Oscar concept, the next generation insurer

Founded in 2013 in the wake of the reform of the American healthcare system, Oscar offers its beneficiaries medical consultations at any time simply on a phone call. They can also access a network of doctors in the vicinity thanks to global positioning and have health checks or vaccines free of charge. Finally, Oscar supplies connected bracelets to engage its beneficiaries on the path to prevention. The more you walk, the more money-off coupons you earn, which can be used on Amazon! Since its creation, the start-up states it has paid back 1,000,000 dollars in rewards to its customers. It claims more than 145,000 customers and is targeting one million customers within five years, still far fewer than the country’s biggest insurers.

The TEST of the Oscar application

Relever le défi du jour


Start the ‘steps’ function in your Oscar mobile app and put on your connected bracelet. Your step counter, set up according to your profile, tells you your target: 10,000 steps in the day. Your current count of 3,228 steps is not enough!










Because it’s not enough to hit your target, you have to beat it. Whenever you just exceed your daily number of step, you get a $1 discount voucher that you can use on Amazon. When you have earned $20, you can request the discount voucher or continue accumulating dollars up to $240 a year. From now on you’ll no longer need to buy your razor blades!






Entrer en relation avec une équipe médicaleCONTACT A MEDICAL TEAM

But Oscar also lets you contact your insurer at any time, talk to a doctor to avoid a trip and the costs of a medical examination, or make an appointment with a doctor.








Parler à un médecinTALK TO A DOCTOR

You need to renew your prescription or you feel a cold coming on? Contact a doctor in the Oscar network to check whether you need to go and see him or whether your symptoms can be treated remotely. The doctor can then write out a prescription for you, which will be sent electronically to the pharmacy nearest you. You thus save the cost of a consultation. This is a free service for Oscar members.







Prendre un rendez-vousMAKE AN APPOINTMENT

You can also look for a doctor according to your needs. The company offers its customers a network of comprehensive healthcare treatments. Then make an appointment with the doctor of your choice. All the details of the planned visit are indicated.


Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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