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Specializing in women’s fashion wear, Oasis opened its first store in 1991, propelling their style on to the British fashion scene. Today, the brand has over 300 stores and 200distributors in the U.K. and Ireland, and is located in over 27 countries. The store is warm and welcoming, with strong brand merchandising. On the second floor you will not only find the changing rooms, but also a coffee shop and a beauty salon.

  • A “So British” atmosphere
  • warm welcome with a coffee shop and beauty salon
  • An olfactory and visual experience. Large screens behind the check-out desks contribute to the colourful interior design.
  • A revival of luxury service : champagne cocktails, a menu worthy of the Ritz, large and spacious changing rooms, etc…

Why visit the store

Sit down and have a coffee

What if your main reason to visit the store was to have a coffee or to make a beauty appointment? The services are boldly announced at the store entrance. The coffee shop has practically become an institution in London.

Treat yourself to a colourful outfit

The store blends in with colour and patterns… a typically British style, carefully elaborated just like the merchandising. The brand made the decision to create a genuine olfactory identity.

Have a sweet break

The coffee and cake area encourages customers to take a relaxing break. Close to the changing rooms, it’s also a great way to wait.

A “Ritz” welcome

The brand offers a “cosy” universe to its clients, providing luxury styled services and a wide range of products at affordable prices.

Take care of yourself

The brand generates extra revenue with its nail bar service, extending client experience. Fashion becomes secondary.


the concept in photos

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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