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The futur of beauty is at the new Sephora store in NYC !

Guillaume RIO
4 minutes

When beauty becomes digital


The biggest American Sephora store opened its doors in New York during March 2017. The brand’s first store was opened in the USA in 1998. Since then, 2 300 new stores have been inaugurated.


This new store is something special, with over 1 000m² and 13 300 products, it’s one of the Sephora six concept stores with the Beauty TIP Workshop of North America (the others are in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Santa Clara Valley and Toronto.).

This store is different from traditional Sephora stores because it offers an interesting variety of digital tools and services; interactive or human.

Unlike many of the brands shops, this new Sephora has large aisles in which you can walk without bumping into everyone. Also, the noise level of the store is under the average.


Why visiting the store ?

Diagnose your skin in the store

The beauty salon is very popular in Sephora stores. You can benefit from help and tips from the Sephora Beauty Experts.

The Pantone Color IQ will allow you to find the right shade of make-up. This tool enables you to scan your skin and to get you Pantone color code.

The Moisture Meter is a new technology making its first appearance in this store, but that will soon be available in all of the brand’s stores. This tool, which looks like a digital thermometer is able to calculate the moisture content of your skin in order to recommend the best product adapted to your skin type.

Try out virtual make-up with « Tap & Try »

2 spots in the store allow customers to try all of the lipsticks or products for eyelashes using the technology Sephora Virtual Artist, which is combined with a facial reconnaissance tool.

This Sephora store is the first to offer the technology « Tap and Try ». All that you need to do is simply scan a products bar code that you wish to try and the watch it be virtually « applied » to you face on the in store iPads.

Personalize your purchasing experience

Fragrance IQ”

There are multiple digital screens around the store, but one of them offers a service allowing you to test perfumes using the technology InstaScent.

Chose the perfume that you’d like to test and the machine releases (dry) scents before suggesting perfumes that you can purchase in store.

Skincare IQ

This giant digital screen will help you find healthcare products depending on you skin type. After answering a couple of questions to do with your skin and different brands, the screen will offer you a list of products adapted to your personal needs. All that you will need to do is collect the product from the aisle or ask for help from the store specialists.

Benefit from exclusive offers

Some products that are available in store are exclusive. They can’t be found anywhere else in N.Y. This is the case for brands such as La Mer and Jo Malone.

As it’s the case is some libraries, this Sephora store has a list of products selected by the employees. What are the employees favorite products ? What do they use ? An area in store is dedicated to these selections. The sales people et their expertise are important for Sephora and they use it as a way to put the product in the spotlight.

Please the clients

The store has clearly been thought-out with the intention to satisfy customers of all ages. Here are a couple of client options :

  • If you buy a large perfume bottle, you can get it customized with your initials, with a choice of 3 different fonts.
  • Classes called « Beauty Workshop » are available in store. All you need to do is subscribe online to participate and learn new make-up applying skills with Sephora experts. 
  • A wall of images show the clients that have already used the make-up service in store. When spending $50 or more, customers are treated to a free in store make over.

Visit the store with photos

Guillaume RIO
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