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NomadX offers brands a showcase to test new products in a fun way

Céline Delacharlerie
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NomadX is the new concept store of CapitaLand, the Asian real estate giant. Opened in Singapore last November, the 11,000 m2 store allows online retailers, such as Alibaba‘s Taobao platform, Style Theory fashion rental platform, or new brands such as custom fragrance designer Oo La Lab, to display their products in a temporary physical store and interact with consumers.

The customer experience is completely gamified: members of the CapitaLand’s loyalty program of CapitaStar can register using facial recognition technology and answering to a few questions, on the basis of which they are assigned to a “tribe” and receive personalized recommendations. The two floors of NomadX also include numerous high-tech installations such as “magic mirrors” or “touch tables“.

NomadX, the "phygital" store !

NomadX is the embodiment of the new “phygital” store concept and represents CapitaLand’s commitment to combine high-tech experiences with more traditional ones. The 11,000 m2 store, which extends over two floors of the Plaza Singapura shopping center in the heart of Singapore, has been designed as a place of entertainment and discovery.

Thanks to machine learning, each buyer profile is linked to a proposed purchasing itinerary, as well as product recommendations. 120 cameras allow NomadX to track consumer traffic and to sell this data to tenant businesses. Many touch-screen TVs are available throughout the store.

NomadX was designed on a “plug and play” model. It grants short-term rental contracts to brands. This explains the name NomadX: the stands are temporarily set up (for 6 months), modular panels delimit them and they are equipped with interactive technologies to encourage discovery and raise the interest in the products.

Thanks to this temporary store, brands can develop and test new innovative concepts before they are deployed more widely in CapitaLand shopping centers.

Among the 18 brands that have chosen NomadX to set up their physical outpost are Taobao, the flagship marketplace of Chinese giant Alibaba, Style Theory, which sells online fashion subscriptions and the Teapasar personalized tea service.

5 good reasons to visit NomadX!

Enregistrement à l'entrée

A tribe for you and personalized recommendations!

To fully enjoy the NomadX experience, when you arrive, you can registers on one of the many touch screens, and register your face to be able to use facial recognition.

By answering a few questions associated with images about your personality, the system assigns you a tribe, i.e. register in one of NomadX’s 4 categories of shoppers. The tribes are Sea, Mountain, Forest and Wind and correspond to four profiles: enigmatic, conqueror, nature lover and well living.

During your visit, you will receive product and store recommendations, as well as a personalized store discovery itinerary, based on the characteristics of your tribe.

Information produits

Get instant product information and don't wait for a sales consultant!

Magic mirrors” instantly recognize some of the products you present to them and give you their details. The screen turns into a mirror when it is in standby.

Other products come with QR codes that you can scan. Style Theory also features an interactive touch screen tablet suspended from a coat rack, which provides users with more information about clothing. Other stores offer interactive touch tables that allow you to place one or more products and display information about them.

Test Taobao products only available online

The concept won over the market place of Chinese giant Alibaba, Taobao, which set up its first offline store there. The particularity of its shop is that it is in fact only a showcase for Taobao’s flagship products and brands.

Consumers can see, touch, test, compare products, but they can only be purchased online. Labels with a QR code lead you to the Taobao application where you can buy the product online and have it delivered to your home. The shop, therefore, has no cash register or salesman.

No more queuing at the cash register

You no longer need to queue at the checkout or even have your wallet with you because NomadX’s cashless system gives you the ability to pay electronically with the CapitaStar application.

Visit the store in video

Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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