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Elisabeth MENANT
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Basket-ball, running, football, rugby, etc… Nike Town shows off its expertise over 4 different floors and around 4 000m². The store gathers in a single location 4 of the 7 aspirational drivers of consumers : Ease with payment via smartphonge, Achievement with the testing of products in-situ, Experience thanks to a busy agenda of events and Enhancement when choosing to personalize a product.


  • Impressive artistic designs
  • Get closer to your sporting hero, for example, compare the size of your foot to the one of your champion
  • Product personalization mixes digital interfaces with craftsmanship skills
  • The goal test on the football floor
  • Direct in aisle check-out thanks to tech equipped salesmen

What to see and do

Immortalise creations

It’s impossible to miss the artwork and nearly everyone stops to take photos of the sculptures, which are heavily shared on social media. The store is also experiential and regularly hosts events such as DJs sets & art expositions. 

Personalize your products

The brands main attraction ? The customization of products. In the middle of the store a glass tower makes its way through each floor. Inside stand two workshops where you can personalize your shoes, football shirts, etc…


Try out your product before buying it to make sure you have found what you were looking for. A football player ? Check out your strike on the pitch.

Pay without going to a check-out desk

You’ve found what you were looking for and wish to purchase? No need to go to a checkout, the salesman can make the transaction directly in the aisle.

Run with the community

Close to the running machines, lockers are provided for your belongings Coaches from the Nike+ Run Club come running with you in the evening.

The concept in photos

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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