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Nike deploys its mobile application in a partner store!

Bertrand Leseigneur
5 minutes
Over the past few years, Nike has invested heavily in making its stores more technology-driven. The brand wants to integrate its NikePlus application into its physical stores to help shoppers easily perform actions on their mobile devices, such as instantly paying for a product or searching for items to check availability.

But for the first time, Nike decided to offer technological accessibility, through its mobile application, in a partner store: the Foot Locker in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in northern Manhattan. Customers can get more information about the Nike products sold in this store.

The concept

After years of research and development on a mobile solution, Nike first installed its immersive tool in some of its stores in the United States and Asia, before testing a partnership with Foot Locker in New York.

The idea is simple: to allow Nike customers, using the brand’s mobile application and social network, to have the same ease of use and services at Foot Locker as in a Nike store. Of course, Foot Locker sells products that compete with Nike, but this partnership highlights the brand’s clothing to the comma. In this sign, there are signs everywhere next to Nike products inviting people to download the NikePlus application to take advantage of all the services.

But the most interesting thing is that Nike will be able to retrieve very interesting customer information from a partner store. Which products are the most scanned? The most popular sizes? The number of connected customers entering the store? All this information that previously required interaction with Foot Locker will now be known by Nike through the use of the mobile application. This is a real change in strategy for Nike.

The new Foot Locker store is part of the reflection of a new and quite unique format: the “Community Store“. It aims to forge closer ties with local communities by recruiting locally, involving community leaders in cultural and sporting events and promoting local sports brands.

With Nike’s help, the Foot Locker in Washington Heights was able to obtain a location with unique features such as a space to purchase limited edition sneakers. Furthermore, users of the NikePlus application can scan any of the brand’s products to obtain Foot Locker store inventory, learn more about the products, get pricing information and find their size.

Why visit the store?

Discover the products

As in Nike stores, products can be scanned using the mobile application and discover product information and availability in the Foot Locker store or online.

If the customer orders a product on-site, it will be possible to have it delivered to the store (in Foot Locker or Nike lockers) or to the customer’s home.

Play and win

Many areas of the store allow the Nike mobile application to be used for entertainment purposes. On the ground floor, a “vending machine” allows customers to win Nike products simply by scanning the QR Code of their NikePlus account with their phone. Each week, different prizes will be offered, but you’ll usually find shoelaces, sunglasses, USB chargers and more.

On the second floor, another machine allows you to participate in a game to win the right to buy pairs of sneakers sold in limited edition. The principle is the same: you scan your NikePlus customer QR Code on the machine and, after a small visual animation on the screen and a movement of the shoe presented to see it from every angle, the customer receives a message offering the right to buy the product if he or she has won… and you often win that right to buy.

Why did you set up this type of “game”? Simply because some pairs of limited edition sneakers are very difficult to find. Nike offers its fans an easy and safe way to find these rare pearls instead of buying these sneakers elsewhere, whose authenticity will remain to be verified.

Retrieve your online purchases

Just like in a traditional Nike store, customers can pick up their purchases made online at the Nike site or on mobile phones at the Foot Locker store. The customer can indicate, at the time of purchase, that they would like to have their product delivered to their home or picked up at the Foot Locker store, using either the Nike or Foot Locker lockers.

Receive professional advice

Six of the Foot Locker store employees have received specific training from Nike to become “Nike Certified Athletes” to provide the same level of information about Nike products as a Nike employee.

Nike is not just putting its technology in partner stores, but also wants to offer a full range of services to customers and store employees to provide the same in-store experience and quality of service as a Nike’s point of sale.

Participate in sports and cultural activities

The Foot Locker store wants to be part of the Washington Heights community and wants to maintain the ties that have been created with the people of this neighborhood. So many activities are organized in the store to bring the residents together and develop the brand’s connections with its neighbors.

Children can participate in sports activities in the store, in competitions or discover new sports, assisted by Foot Locker employees, DJs or coaches.

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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