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Discovering the brand new Nike flagship store in New York

Bertrand Leseigneur
4 minutes

Nike House of Innovation 000 - NYC

The Nike House of Innovation has just opened in mid-November and is located on the prestigious 5th Avenue in New York. It’s a space of no less than 6,300 square meters spread over six levels that aims to provide customers with an even more personalized store experience.


Nike House of Innovation NYCWith this new store located in the heart of New York on Fifth Avenue, Nike is looking to offer its customers a new retail experience using all the technologies at its disposal.
The brand’s new store has many assets: elegant design, but also a number of immersive tools, seamlessly integrating the digital and physical retail business to offer customers personalized and on-demand services.

Called Nike House of Innovation 000, the store integrates seamlessly with the Nike mobile app and the Nike Plus program, offering benefits to its users such as instant payment and removal of shipping costs. The application also allows customers to take barcode pictures on dummies so employees can bring them the products they need in stores or in fitting rooms.


And if you do not have the mobile application of Nike installed on your smartphone, QR codes are present everywhere in the store to give you the quick link to download the application regardless of your phone.

Nike QR Codes

The store also offers a Speed Shop space for customers to quickly purchase the brand’s most popular products in NY. The inventory is based on Nike’s data analysis which identifies the most popular items locally. The Sneaker Bar also allows customers to retrieve and customize the desired shoes quickly and efficiently.

Sneaker Bar

On the fourth floor, there is even a Sneaker Lab, where visitors can see the largest concentration of Nike shoes in the world. The top floor is finally home to the Nike Expert Studio, where Nike members can make appointments with experts for personalized appointments.

Nike Expert Studio

Why visiting the store

Vivre NYC

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Nike New York

A huge digital artwork is at the heart of the store. The Sonic Tower is visible from all over the store and represents the noise and cacophony of New York, the sporting activities of the city and the place of Nike in this cacophony.

Creation stages

Discover the steps to create a pair of Nike sneakers

Before you access the world’s largest collection of Nike shoes, you first go through a gallery that shows the different stages of creating a Nike shoe to show customers the level of research and work for designer and make the products that will be seen next in the store.

Nike shoes everywhere

See the largest number of Nike sneakers in the world on one floor of the store

The store offers the largest collection of different Nike shoes in the world. This is the only place in the world where such a variety of sneakers are available in one physical store.

Help yourself

Try and buy shoes without assistance

If you want to buy a new pair of running shoes, but want to try several pairs or styles before buying, buying online is of no interest to you. Nike has in his store a “Speed Shop“, you can book online the shoes to try, then go to the store to make your choice. The term phygital thus makes sense. You can then go to a locker upon arrival at the store. One of them will carry your name and you can unlock it using your phone. The shoes you want to try will be inside. Once you have chosen the right pair, you can use your phone to pay without having to queue. You can enter and exit the store in minutes.

Meet a designer

Meet a designer for a personalized shopping session

The top floor of the store is dedicated to the design and fashion aspect of the brand. If you have a Nike Plus account you can make an appointment with Nike experts for a personalized shopping session or to meet one of the brand’s designers who will talk with you about the styles you can wear. The expert will also be able to explain the latest Nike designs.

Nike has also done a lot of work on the design of fitting rooms on this floor: each room has three light settings that you can adjust to see how your outfit will look like your yoga class and a dim light or room of sport with a natural light.

Visit the store in photos

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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