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Clinique Laboratories in Shenzhen: the concept store with a unique customer experience

Céline Delacharlerie
4 minutes

Clinique is opening a new concept store that offers clients an immersive experience in a scientific laboratory. The first store opened in Shenzhen, China in December 2020, and the brand wants to open more in other cities following the success of the first.


Clinique is a dermatological brand that specializes in the sale of beauty products, skin care products and fragrances. Founded in the United States in New York, Clinique has been very successful in China with already more than 100 stores in the country. In 2020, the company decides to start a new concept: Clinique Laboratories. A Clinique store with new futuristic features to create a unique experience.

The retail design company UXUS is responsible for the design of the store. The design reflects the image Clinique has cultivated for nearly 50 years: science and innovation behind their products. With this in mind, UXUS designated a store in the image of Clinique: a laboratory. It’s a mix of a futuristic lab with a very modern aesthetic. It is also with the engaging features that this store has become a symbol of the brand and what it stands for.

Clinique Laboratories offers its clients a total sensory immersion with an inviting, modern and clean environment. All the products stand out from the decor, which invites customers to explore Clinique’s catalog with interest. The use of various graphics and storytelling captures the attention of visitors. The personalized services offered by the brand make the shopping experience even more unique, such as the face analysis or the Community Bar.

According to George Gottl, the co-founder of UXUS, this concept was designed with the customer in mind. Today, the customer prioritizes individuality and self-expression above all; he is looking for an experience that is personalized and suited to him, it has to be unique and out of the ordinary. This is exactly what Clinique did with its concept store: the company put the shopping experience first. The customer becomes more apt to consume.

Ingrid Montoya, Vice President of Global Retail Design and Visual Merchandising at Clinique, explains that Clinique Laboratories is “an expression of Clinique for the future”.

Why visit this store?

1.Using Clinique Clinical Reality technology

A technology called Clinique Clinical Reality is a tool that has been developed for this new concept store. It analyzes the person’s face using a facial recognition system. After analyzing the user’s face, the technology offers a skincare routine tailored to the person’s skin. All the products needed for this new custom routine are available in the store.

Clinique’s copyright

2.Spend time on the Discovery Table

The Discovery Table is located in the middle of the store, it’s the centerpiece of the place. This table encourages customers to discover various products sold by Clinique. All the new products, as well as the most popular, can be found on this table. You can try out these products and learn more to create a new skincare routine on your own.

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3.Test the Community Bar

The Community Bar, a store employee is there to provide an individual experience, or in small groups, to elevate their already unique experience in this store. Customers can ask questions, receive specific advice, and even learn how to use certain products correctly. Store employees are there to answer these questions and show customers how to use the products and in what order.

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4.Discover skincare products

Clinique sells a lot of skin care products: creams, makeup removers, serums, etc. All these products are presented in the store. They are located on the sides to surround the Discovery Table. Under each product is a description written in black that contrasts against the very bright exposure; this is what gives that laboratory aspect.

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5.Discover makeup products

In addition to skin care products, Clinique also specializes in make-up: foundations, powders, eye shadow, etc. Unlike skin care products, beauty products are displayed on round tables next to the Discovery Table. This system allows Clinique to present all variations of the same product without mixing powders with foundations, for example.

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Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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