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Céline Delacharlerie
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Muji 500 is the latest store concept of the Japanese brand Muji, where the price of all products is capped by a very modest amount. It allows students or families in need to do their shopping despite the economic context of high inflation.

Developed countries are experiencing a period of historically high inflation. In Europe, the European average price increase was 9% in the last quarter, compared to only 1.3% at the beginning of 2021! In Europe, this inflation is mainly due to geopolitical conflicts that impact the area. But this inflation does not only affect Europe but the entire developed countries and especially Japan! Indeed, the Consumer Price Index in Japan, an index that measures price increases in Japan, has reached its highest peak in the last 31 years. Yuga Labs came to explain that he wanted to become the Disney of metavers. On the other hand, Improbable wants to create an open source metavers not belonging to any company. When we talk about metaworms, we often refer to avatars that, as time goes by, become true extensions of users.

In response to this increase in prices, which particularly affects students and the most modest families in Japan, the Japanese brand Muji, which already has more than 900 stores, half of which abroad, has unveiled its new store concept in Tokyo: Muji 500. This store offers a wide variety of items whose price is capped at ¥500, or about €3.40. With a set of 3,000 items, Muji 500 offers different product lines: from cleaning products to stationery, food and beauty products… Everyone can find their happiness in this store. The store also offers a range of low price and quality products whose price exceeds ¥500 as small furniture.

This new store concept repositions the Japanese brand as the leader in low-price retail. Muji, the parent brand born in 1980, has earned its success for its quality products at low prices, thanks to 3 principles: no branding, minimalist packaging and a precise selection of materials.

The brand plans to open 30 new similar stores in Tokyo by February 2023, all located in easy-to-access and popular areas.

Why visit a store?

1. Save time for shopping

The first Muji 500 store is located in the Mitaka metro station in the Atré Vie shopping centre. Shop quickly on your way without making a detour and don’t waste time thanks to the small size of the store!

2. Save Money

At least 70% of the products are sold for less than ¥500, or about €3.40, and the store has 3000 different items in various product ranges.

3. Be assured of the quality of your products

Muji is a quality brand in Japan. Although Muji 500 ensures low prices, the brand guarantees its quality with a very strict policy based on 3 pillars: the selection of materials, the rationalization of processes and the simplification of packaging.

Muji500 store
Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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