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Make a donation to a charity when paying for your purchases.

Matthieu JOLLY
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ARRONDI en caisse

For almost five years, the French food retailer Franprix, in partnership with MicroDON, has been offering its customers the possibility of rounding up their shopping bills to the nearest euro. But why? To finance local charitable initiatives!


Thanks to “l’ARRONDI” at the checkout, customers of MicroDON’s partner retailers can request to round up their bill to the nearest euro when paying. More precisely, if your purchases add up to €23.48, you can round your bill up to €24. The difference of €0.52 is then automatically transferred to the partner association from the point of sale or the store chain.

Thanks to its partnership with Ingenico, MicroDON now allows Franprix to automatically offer rounding up at payment terminals. So customers no longer need to ask the cashier to round up their bills. A message appears directly on the payment terminal encouraging them to finance the charity and generally help the community!


Do your shopping

You have to fill up your fridge and your cupboards! Go down to your local Franprix to do your shopping

Go to the checkout

Once your shopping basket is full, go to the checkout to pay for your purchases.

See the “l’ARRONDI” sign at the checkout

At the checkout, a label catches your eye. It tells you that you can help a charity supported by the store chain, just by rounding up your bill.

Make a donation to a charity

On the payment terminal, you click on the green button to register your donation. Rounded up to the nearest euro, your bill goes up by just a few euro cents. This helps the charity supported by the point of sale.

Our feedback

It’s time for civic engagement! When the consumer takes the step, engages, and becomes an actor in their consumption, store chains add meaning to the act of purchase.

It is exactly at this moment when MicroDON’s checkout “ARRONDI” offer comes in, at Franprix, Nature & Découvertes, Bonobo Jeans and Sephora. Every consumer can, by pressing a button on a POS terminal, donate and give to a charity. And it works! For significant shopping bills, over 3 out of 4 bills are rounded up.

On the principle of small streams forming great rivers, since its inception, MicroDON has collected over €7,500,000 from some 21,000,000 micro-donations.

“l’ARRONDI” at the checkout is not the only system the company offers citizens. They can donate using “l’ARRONDI” online, “l’ARRONDI” on their bank accounts with BNP Paribas, or “l’ARRONDI” on their pay slips.

No more CSR programmes disconnected from reality, and great works. This is the age of horizontal, participatory sponsorship! While everyone can become involved as consumers and as employees, it has also been possible since the beginning of the year to engage more concretely. Solidarity team-building, solidarity days or skills sponsorship… all opportunities offered by the company through the latest initiative launched by microDON: the gift of time.

While there is no a single solution, there is no doubt that “ARRONDI” schemes make the company’s CSR policy more legible and above all visible. It’s a great way of differentiating ourselves and retaining both employees as well as customers.

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