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The Maif Social Club, a place that questions the KPIs of tomorrow?

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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For 3 years now, MAIF has been running the MAIF Social Club in the heart of the Marais, a place open to all that questions social innovation with one goal in mind: to bring the place to life, notably through an exceptional artistic programme. Raphaelle Laporte, 3 years after its opening, gives us a brief review of the activities carried out at the MAIF Social Club. With Covid19, the venue is temporarily closed but the entire MAIF Social Club team continues to work remotely on its next innovations and programming themes while staying warm at home. The MAIF Social Club’s activities continue on its website and social networks!

The concept : a place for social innovation!

400 artists and speakers, 1,100 events, 80,000 visitors including 60,000 children, the creation of a coffee and an eco-responsibl shop… here are a few metrics that define the MAIF Social Club, a venue opened 3 years ago in the heart of the Marais in Paris by the militant insurer.

Creating proximity in the human sense will obviously not be profitable in the traditional ROI sense in the short term. However, that is not the goal: following the example of other brands in Europe such as Virgin Money in London or the Adidas Runbase in Berlin, these places are above all designed as a service hub to serve the neighbourhood or the community.

They certainly prefigure a new form of store whose profitability is not measured by m² but by the audience. Thus, the Adidas Runbase is attached to the marketing and communication department while the MAIF Social Club is an integral part of the insurer’s Social Innovation strategy.

Here, the aim is to create a strong relationship with the individual, whether a member or not, by offering an eclectic cultural programme based on social issues and free of charge throughout the year: biannual exhibitions with workshops for families and children, debates on ideas, workshops, performances… The public can also come and work in the coworking area, have lunch on site, buy products proposed by startups at the Boutique.

The location also acts as an agent for transforming the insurer’s culture and business lines, in particular because it is run by a fixed team (programming, communication, management, control) and by employees from the network on secondment over several months on a voluntary basis. It thus serves as a training ground for working in reception and listening postures and entering in a different way with their clients or prospects once they return to their initial functions.

So, more MAIF Social Clubs coming soon? Why not, but above all, there are still many avenues to explore here in Paris.

MAIF Social Club
37 Rue de Turenne, Paris 3e

Why visiting the Maif Social Club?

Discover an art exhibition

Twice a year, the place is transformed from top to bottom with the installation of a new exhibition. Each exhibition presents a crossroads of artistic, scientific and economic perspectives on the founding values of the company.


Take advantage of the programming

As an open space, the MAIF Social Club offers an eclectic programming adapted to all audiences, following on from the exhibition and enriching the flagship exhibition. Debates, family visits or conferences… so many opportunities to come and visit the site again and again.


Coworker, read and take your time

Entrance is free… so feel free to use the porch to sit on the coworking area to flip through a book or chat.


Lunch on site

Once you have finished visiting the exhibition, take a break with lunch or a treat in the Coffee area set up near the entrance.


Shopping in the shop

Once your fruit and vegetables have been collected every Thursday from Paniers Bio in Val de Loire region, discover the innovative and eco-responsible products launched by a selection of committed startups.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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