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Elisabeth MENANT
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No time ? No friends ? The solution : a concierge in your neighborhood !

Discover the interview of Charles Edouard Vincent, founder of Lulu dans ma rue, the concierge service in your neighborhood, now available in the 4th, 14th and 17th districts of Paris.

Concept : a service connecting inhabitants of a same district

We all dreamt of knowing a trustful person that could help us when needed… especially to give us a hand with our very busy day to day life. With Lulu dans ma rue, this dream has now come true for the inhabitants of the 4th, 14th and 17th districts of Paris. This concierge service connects neighbors together so that they can help each others with various needs such as baby-sitting, cooking, delivering, moving out, do it yourself, etc.

lulu dans ma rue

Why going to see Lulu dans ma rue

Choisissez un service

Find the service you need

A shelf that needs fixing, a broken lamp, an Ikea piece of furniture to set up, your kids to baby sit, or your plants that need watering while you’re away… with Lulu dans ma rue, all you daily worries are fading away ! Services cost between 5 and 20 € for 30 minutes.

AIdez vos voisins

Give a hand to your neighbors

Today, Lulu dans ma rue, it’s a booth on place Saint-Paul, in the 4th district, a second one in the 14th district and a 3rd one in the 17th district of Paris. Tomorrow you will able to get a Lulu wherever you are in Paris and also outside of Paris.

Replongez dans le passé

Take a step back in the past

An authentic concierge counter, where keys and decorative objects are exposed really give a feel of going back in the old days.

Devenir un lulu

Become a Lulu

A lulu is a job seeker, a student, a retired person, or a employee looking for additional sources of income. Their revenues are being declared to the tax office and they are also insured.

Rencontrez des lulus

Meet other lulus

Come to meet the other Lulus for a coffee. Regular meet-ups are organized by Lulu dans ma rue to reinforce the social link.

Interview of the Founder

Lulu in pictures

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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