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A living space for reviving the fundamentals of a food brand

Matthieu JOLLY
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Kellogg’s  has opened a lounge in New York to embody its brand. A place for experience, sharing and trending, this living space lets the cereals producer forge direct ties with its customers away from the standard distribution channels.


At a time when it is becoming essential for a manufacturer to develop a special relationship with its customers, Kellogg’s has opened a lounge in Union Square on 7 December last to showcase its brand. This loft follows on from the symbolic opening of a pop-up store in Times Square in 2016. This was intended to celebrate 100 years of advertising.


In response to an all-powerful distribution sector, it is becoming essential for food brands to propose a customer relationship in tune with the brand’s fundamentals. The Kellogg’s initiative echoes other similar initiatives in New York. Barilla has opened 3 restaurants and the EATaly’s Nutella kiosk follows a whole series of pop-up stores or stands in the same mould. More and more brands are trying to raise their profile beyond the traditional distribution channels and seeking to capitalize on exposed places like New York.

The location represents an ideal asset. Union Square is for Kellogg’s the ideal neighbourhood for appealing to a young clientele appreciative of the attention paid to them by the cereals brand.

Other chains like Capital One or American Eagle have set up shop there to engage with this student audience. By offering living environments suited to the needs of their young customers, retailers are getting more involved in local life.

While Kellogg’s offers a space for socializing and creation that is both regressive and vintage, Capital One has transformed its ground floor from a banking environment into a catering and meeting place, and American Eagle is meant to be a practical space, in particular with its Lavomatics, which are free for students. Naturally they all offer power sockets or wi-fi, essential services for anyone wanting to attract and retain young visitors.


Why visit the store

Rediscover the product range

Kellogg’s extends the range of possibilities by offering a selection of 21 cereals, 7 different milks but also candy bars not available anywhere else.

Share in comfort

Ordinary wooden tables with long benches are available for groups, while cosy armchairs tempt you to watch television and play board games. Everything is designed to retain visitors and make them feel at home.

Vary the pleasures by cooking the product

A huge open-plan kitchen presents visitors with a series of cereal-based gourmet recipes. Preparations based on candy bars or cakes are there on sale or for tasting.

Make a star of your meal

Trays and a series of accessories are available around an area reserved for taking great photos of your breakfast or snack. Everything is staged to encourage you to share with your community on Instagram or Pinterest.

Relive your childhood

Vintage accessories and crockery on sale or simply on display celebrate the brand’s erstwhile advertising. They invite us to relive our childhood and remind us of our first Kellogg’s experiences; a good way of strengthening ties by drawing on nostalgia.

The experience in video

The store in pictures

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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