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Elisabeth MENANT
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Open since November 2016, Leicester square is where Legos new English flagship store can be found. The brand has kept its classics such as Brickley, the giant green sea serpent. The store is clearly tying to pull on visitors emotional cords with play areas, giant constructions but most of all, different customization possibilities : mini figurines that you can create-yourself, a self-service wall containing different Legos but most importantly, the unique “Mosaic Maker”.

  • An irreproachable reception with and Americanised “Welcome
  • A spectacular store showing the full potential of the little bricks
  • A photo booth allowing visitors to go home with a picture of their face made out of Legos
  • A self-service wall of bricks enabling visitors to make their own selection
  • An augmented reality experience, extended to France via an app

why visiting the store

Visit London

If tourists don’t have enough time to visit the whole of London, all they need to do is visit the Lego store. They’ll find replicas of the cities most well known monuments (Big-Ben, the London tube…).

Get your LEGO portrait

Take the time to use the “Mosaic Maker”. Clients enter the photo booth to get their picture taken and printed in bricks. The necessary bricks will be provided, enabling them to create their own Lego portrait.

Check out your product

If you hesitate between models, you can hold the boxes up to the screen . Thanks to a camera and AR, you will be able to see the 3D image in front of you.

Create your own universe

The “Pick a Brick” wall gives visitors the chance to buy bricks separately.

They can also create and personalize figurines in dedicated areas. 

Have fun playing with Lego

No need to buy in order to have fun in the store. Visit one of the self-service areas and get creative !

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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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