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Bertrand Leseigneur
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Lego’s new Flagship Store opened in New York at the end of June. On the program: new practical experiences and inspired constructions of the city of New York. Located in the Building Rockefeller Center, the new store measures more than 650m2 on two levels. The new boutique celebrates the Big Apple with a reproduction of an old yellow taxi of the city, skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, as well as the lights and billboards of the theaters of Times Square and Broadway, all made of bricks from the famous brand.

This new LEGO store is mostly the first to offer a new retail format with interactive experiences for visitors.


The LEGO group spent two years developing this immersive retail concept that involves many personalized experiences or the opportunity to play with brand creations.

Among the new experiences launched in the fifth avenue shop include the Brick Lab, a virtual experience that gives life to “walls, floors and ceilings” or the tree of discovery, a massive tree in the center of the store consisting of 880 000 Lego pieces.

Another type of animation proposed in the queue to wait the client, the funny interaction with screens: greet the statue of freedom and it will make you your salvation! Your gesture has indeed been detected by the cameras and trigger the animation of the statue.

But the biggest innovation of the shop is the personalization studio, which allows buyers to customize and buy their own creations.

For New Yorkers, 3D LEGO 3D models and emblematic characters from the city of New York always remain the central point of visiting a brand store.

Why visit the store

1. Dream in front of the incredible creations of LEGO

This store first appreciates thanks to its extraordinary reproductions of monuments in LEGO. Monuments of the city of NY, monuments of cinema or comics: they are all there.

2. Discover the construction offer dedicated to the greatest

We still imagine marveled children in front of the creations of Lego but this 5th Avenue store puts a point of honor show that adults are also enthusiasts of the brand. At any age, we can continue to build legos.

For Star Wars fans, you can see in the magnifying glass the details of some of the ships made in LEGO and thus see the exceptional quality of creations.

A space dedicated to sports cars legos also shows that the brand wants to address adults.

3. Customize your LEGO minifigure

One of the main attractions of the store is its personalization tool. The customer has two possibilities to leave with a unique LEGO product: make his own mini-figurine or make a LEGO poster in his image.

If you want to personalize your micro-action figure, just buy the dedicated box and then scan it at the touch tables. Customization options for the bust of your figurine will then be offered to you. Once your bust is “designated” on the screen, all you have to do is run 3D printing on the printers in the store. All you have to do is finalize the assembly of your figurine by walking around the store to find the style of your character: a hat, a dress style or accessories.

There is also the Mosaik Maker already tested in the London store.

The experience is omnichannel because you can either make your poster in the store’s photo booth or send your photo from the site to then receive your box of LEGOs.

4. Immerse yourself in the Brick Lab!

Imagine a room in which LEGOs come to life! This is the case with the Brick Lab: an experience that requires advance reservation and immerses you in the world of LEGO.

For 20 minutes, the brand brings walls, floors and ceilings to life with video content projected on the walls and interactive. The most breathtaking moment of the experience is when you see the LEGO that the visitor has just created in the space on the video walls. You just need to scan it for it to take its place in the scenography.

5. Repackage the LEGOs

Do you no longer use all of your LEGOs at home? Don’t hesitate to bring them back to the store for reconditioning. Also take prepaid labels to print in store by scanning the QR code. You can send all the LEGOs you want to the manufacturer for reprocessing from your home. The reconditioned LEGOs are redistributed for the benefit of various children’s aid associations with which the toy brand works.

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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