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Innovation Overview: TikTok Envelopes, Houdini Apparel in Sweden and Detroit Airport Custom Displays

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Budget pressure, circular economy but also improvement of the customer journey, service innovations are not lacking to meet these challenges. Because the consumer is always looking for facilitation, whether on more fluid or global customer journeys, the search for convenience but also pay attention to his wallet while becoming aware that these purchases also weigh on the planet. Between smart buying and responsible buying, the consumer of tomorrow will be keen to be able to choose both! A look back at 3 services that marked 2023.

The phenomenon of envelopes on TikTok helps the consumer in his arbitrations

Faced with fiscal inflation, a new challenge has emerged stamped #Enveloppebudget. The principle is very simple: you will take all your income and then deduct your expenses. Then, there will be a rest-to-live. All you have to do is withdraw the cash and send it in envelopes for food, restaurants, entertainment, etc. On the network, videos of wrapping tickets abound, the hashtag #Enveloppebudget has been used more than 250 million times! Young people see it as a way to better control their spending and a fun way to be aware of budget education because in the end, few young people have learned to manage a budget or to save.


The clothing brand Houdini in Sweden offers everyone to buy, rent or subscribe according to their needs

In Sweden, sportswear brand Houdini opened its new store in Stockholm. In order to move from a linear model to a circular retail and consumer model, all items offered by Houdini Circle can be purchased, rented or subscribed. Houdini Circle combines the existing repair, rental and refurbishment services of the Swedish brand into a single place where the customer can choose any garment by deciding on the type of relationship he wishes to maintain with him. If it is a hoodie that he will wear every day, it makes sense to buy it. But a ski jacket for a two-week trip, why not rent it? For six hundred Swedish crowns per month (fifty-five euros), the customer can use three garments: a lower body piece, a middle layer and an outer layer. For an additional hundred crowns, he can exchange the items as often as he wants.

Houdini Magasin

At Detroit Airport, your flight information is only displayed for you!

With the PARALLEL REALITY experience, airline customers will no longer have to search for flight and gate information at Detroit Airport.

The technology allows up to 100 customers to simultaneously see personalized content tailored to their specific journey on a single digital screen. Each user will have a unique and personalized experience, even if it is next to dozens of other users who themselves enjoy their own experience. Just amazing! The information is displayed because your profile was recognized because you agreed to share your ticket and passport data. However, the data is not stored to protect the privacy of the traveller.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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