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Digitalization of in store services

Kenneth Cole opened a brand new concept store in New York city. This store offers a digital experience and allows clients to open the doors on demand, 24/7.

The Concept


Kenneth Cole just opened a new concept store in New York. In this point of sales, the American brand plays the digital card pushing for omni channel commerce. Screens are really part of the client experience and journey: from fitting rooms to cash in directly on the client’s mobile phone. These features and the global product offer aimed at Millenials represent a complete make-over for Kenneth Cole. It conveys a much younger image to the brand.

To do during the visit

Video shoot your fitting session in this store

Video shoot your fitting session in this store

The fitting room has an intelligent mirror inside. This mirror is connected and can video record you when you wish to. For each outfit tried on, a short film will be recorded and you will then be able to compare the various combinations of outfits. You will also be able to watch your fitting session at home on your sofa thanks to your tablet, as you can send the videos to your email address. Another feature of this mirror is facial recognition. If 2 weeks later you come back to the store and go to the fitting rooms you will be recognized and you will then be able to watch again all the videos taken during your last fitting session.

Get products to interact with the screens in the store

Each product for sale is equipped with an RFID tag which will make it interactive with the screens of the store that have a RFID reader. Therefore if you wish to have more information on a jacket, you simply need to bring it closer to the screen and a description will apparear with price, sizes available in the store and online, as well as related products… turning screens into such useful tools is a great way to improve the customer’s experience.

Link the store to the website

For shoes, accessories and handbags, you will be able to get access from the store to the whole product range, directly online, if you do not find the product that you were looking.

Open 24/7

Go shopping at 2am

You have trouble to fall asleep? You can go shopping in the middle of the night at the Kenneth Cole Store. Indeed the store can be opened only for you by calling a number whenever you want 24/7. However, you will need to wait 3h for the sale advisor to wake up and come to open it for you.

Pay on a tablet

Pay on a tablet

Like in many store in the USA, you will be able to pay for your purchases directly on the tablet of the sale’s advisor without having to go to a cash desk. Payment becomes more fluid.

Make your own rollerblades

In this Kenneth Cole store, for $600, you can turn any types of shoes for sale into a pair of rollerblades.

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