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It’s time for Innovate Service Centric’s 2021 replay!

Matthieu JOLLY
1 minute

The 8th edition of the Innovate Service Centric conference was held on Thursday, November 18.

A true success, it brought together more than 450 participants from more than 20 countries around service innovation and customer experience.

First observation, between “chore” purchases and “pleasure” purchases, consumption is changing. The yesterday’s imposed constraints have become assumed consumption choices this year! Yes, commerce is going digital. E-commerce integrates point-of-sale codes while delivery is now key in the customer journey. Flea market, library, media…
For their part, the stores make clear, precise choices and assume them to bring in and return customers. Logically, the consumer evolves and invents new roles: buyer, seller, influencer but also actor of change or trader.

Forced by price, it is investing in the circular economy in search of purchasing power while committing to sustainable consumption. To meet this high level of expectation and requirement, brands are changing, becoming trusted third parties and dreaming of tomorrow as a service platform. More than ever, it’s TIME TO DECIDE for retailers !

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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