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Interactive tables for lunch

Very often decried, multiservice touch tables have found their place since 2008 at Inamo, a London Asian restaurant. They offer an entertaining and effective experience for ordering or for passing the time between dishes.

The concept



At last an interactive restaurant worthy of the name! In the heart of London’s trendy Soho district, Asian bar-restaurant Inamo, which opened in 2008, has opted for interactivity to attract customers. No point catching the waiter’s attention, just use the restaurant’s interactive ordering system. Another benefit is that customers are less pressurized by waiters when making their choices. The table is designed to offer an experience that helps customers make up their minds: presentation and display of dishes projected on their plate, prices displayed as orders are placed… With such a clearly displayed offering, it’s hard not to indulge oneself! The restaurant also offers a web-based service that also lets you customize your table for special occasions (birthdays, St Valentine’s Day, etc.).

Why visiting the store



A hologram projects virtual dishes on a real plate in front of you. No more worrying about portion size or having to ask the waiter questions about the dishes on the menu. Easy navigation and display of dishes encourage impulse orders.



When you have chosen your dishes, just click once to confirm your order, which is sent to the kitchens. You can also summon a waiter at any time with a “call waiter” button.



Want to see behind the scenes of the restaurant or track your order? The cooks are filmed by web cams while they work. To view the scene you only need to activate the web cam function on your touch table.



While you wait you can customize the atmosphere of your table, play battleships, check your metro route, call a taxi…



When you have finished your meal, just display your bill directly on the table. The table is truly at the heart of the experience… And your Uber is there waiting for you when you leave!

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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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