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Céline Delacharlerie
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The new store opened in Tokyo by the Japanese brand GU, from the same company as the best-known brand abroad UNIQLO, offers a new surprising and fun shopping experience close to the video game Sims . The concept should interest all those who have always dreamed of being able to create their own avatar from a photo and make him try all types of clothing and accessories, in order to avoid the passage to the fitting room.

Gu Style, a pleasant and gamified shopping experience!

Last November, Japanese retailer GU launched its new GU Style Creator app that goes hand in hand with its new GU Style Studio store.

GU offers fashion items, casual and cheap. The brand is present in Japan with 280 stores in the territory, and also has an online sales platform. It belongs to the company ” Fast Retailing “, which also owns the brand UNIQLO, more known internationally.

At the GU Style Studio store entrance, guests are invited to have a photo taken at the GU STYLE Stand to create their personal avatar, which can then be used via the GU Style Creator application to test new styles, and try the products of the site or those available in store by scanning the QR codes on the labels.

This is in keeping with the logic of GU who wants to make the shopping experience simple and enjoyable, under the theme “A new fashion experience, born in Harajuku “.

According to Osamu Yunoki , President and CEO of GU, one of the benefits of this technology lies in collecting data from store buyers. Yunoki told Bloomberg that information on application usage and style combinations can help GU to learn more about the shopping behaviors and tastes of customers.

5 reasons to visit Gu Style !

Ne plus suer en Cabine

No longer having to sweat in fitting rooms

In a few seconds you can create your avatar and have him try any outfit. For this, the store has installed dynamic screens with photographic function on the wall. Just place yourself in front of the screen to have your picture taken and you’re done. Your avatar appears on the screen and you can then dress it up freely by using the men’s and women’s items offered by the brand.

Shopping à son rythme

Go shopping at your own pace

You can link the personal avatar to your account on the GU Style Creator app. If you have a blow core for an item, you can scan directly and see the minutes on your personal avatar. You can then continue to search and experiment with new items with your mobile phone (from the app) and your avatar. Thus, you are free to move around the store at your own pace and register your favorite items at any time. You can also continue shopping later at home using GU Style Creator.

No more queuing at the cashier

Farewell the tail at the checkout, which gives you time to slow down your impulses and give up half of the items that you had selected after trying hard in the cabin. Thanks to the application developed by GU and dedicated to the store, which you will have downloaded in advance on your mobile, just scan a QR code that allows you to pay online to finalize your shopp ing.

Sac à porter

No longer having to carry your bags

When you leave the store, you are out of your hands knowing that your order is on its way to the address you have indicated.


Order later

Even after you leave the store, you can easily and quickly order the products you have saved from the application and have them delivered to the desired location.

Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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