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Matthieu JOLLY
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Living in a community​



Number one DIY chain Home Depot has two sales outlets in Manhattan. Compared with France, they are unimpressive and even seem dated. And yet, when you put together the pieces of puzzle, among the number of services offered you notice that the customer is at the heart of the store. Moreover, the retailer is very active with regard to the community and local life.​


Serving the customer = the priority​

As soon as you enter the store, Home Depot shows its customers that they are important ​

Speaking your mother tongue​

New York is a cosmopolitan city. At Home Depot, a chart lets you find a shop assistant who can answer your questions in your mother tongue​

Attending a lesson​

You want to do a DIY lesson with your child? You can. Furthermore, Home Depot offers lessons for adults in two languages: English and Spanish, probably for professionals.​

Sharing initiatives​

Home Depot supports local life. Check the chart near checkout to discover the latest initiatives​.

Getting help​

You are not a handyman. With the Get It Installed service, the store puts you in touch with craftsmen it has selected and certified.​

Calling for help

Rather than vainly looking for a sales assistant, just go and stand in front of one of the video screens in the store. A sales assistant will soon come and help you.

Printing in 3D

Home Depot distributes the MakerBot 3D printing brand. You can depart with your 3D printer and its accessories.

Connecting your home

Home Depot distributes items for the connected home: bulbs, thermostats or controllers.

Try before buying

How to choose between two drilling and screwing tools? The easiest way is to try them out in one of the demonstration areas.

Becoming a pro customer

A large proportion of the retailer’s clientele is construction professionals.

A loyalty programme and related services are offered in an area near the checkout.

Going through the “pro” checkout

To avoid making its professional clientele wait, the store has installed dedicated checkouts.

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Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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