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Hema Fresh or an illustration of O2O

Guillaume RIO
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Hema Fresh Supermarket – Alibaba Group

Alibaba seeks to dilute the boundaries between physical stores and online commerce to streamline the customer experience, a real illustration of the famous O2O (online to offline).
The Hema Fresh motto is clear: “Easy Pay, Easy Select, Easy Enjoy


What’s special about Hema Fresh is that 50% of its sales area is dedicated to food. All food items, notably the live fish and shellfish in tanks, can be cooked there and then in the restaurants leading off from the different aisles.

With O2O, everything happens on a smartphone. Once the Hema application – which comes with Alipay – has been downloaded, customers can select products directly in store by scanning their barcodes. Customers can place products in their shopping cart or request more info (such as the producer’s certificate of origin).

Before confirming their purchase, customers can choose home delivery (in 30 minutes within a 3km radius), in-store pick-up (if the order is made out of store) or, as mentioned, they can sit in one of the in-store restaurants to eat the products validated in their shopping cart.

Why visiting the store

Choose, touch, be inspired, and eat on the spot !

Customers can sit and enjoy the various fresh products chosen in store at one of the in-store restaurants. Especially as the Hema app offers recipes and similar or complementary products based on what customers have scanned. Once the transaction completed, customers are given an electronic box which buzzes when their order is ready.

Hands free shopping

Hema Fresh staff manage and pick the products in store. Once the order has been prepared, it is hung on a rail covering the entire store ceiling to be taken to the depot. Delivery takes between 15 to 30 minutes and is offered within a 3km radius.

Scan pay and go !

The Hema app gives specific information (certificate of origin, producer and traceability info) on all store products by simply scanning the QR codes. Once the items have been selected, customers pay using Alipay (included in the Hema Fresh app). Customers can also present the QR code of their virtual shopping cart at an interactive terminal which will scan their face and link it to their Alipay account

The experience in video

The experience in photos

Guillaume RIO
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