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Elisabeth MENANT
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In 2015, Franprix launched its Mandarine concept, followed in 2017 by Mandarine Plus and then Noé for organic and well-being products.  The goal is to transform an entry-level brand into a convenience store aimed at an urban and affluent clientele. While the brand is trying to touch on every moment of consumption (breakfast, a salad bar for lunch or a sit-down lunch), the variety of small daily services is also impressive.

•       Bulk products are available on shop shelves.

•       Different catering options: salad bar, snacking, fresh juice, etc.

•       A dining area to have lunch while connected to WIFI

•       Neighbourhood related services: nearest metro station, currency exchange or neighbourhood tips, key storage 

•       An umbrella for life for loyalty card

What to do and see

Compose your own salad

Compose your own salad by selecting your favourite ingredients.  For more transparency about the composition of products, Franprix has installed displays with nutritional information for each ingredient.

Squeeze your own fruit juice

The fruit juice machine is emblematic of the Mandarine concept. It sells over 4 million units per year.  In their Plus formats, you can also find deli and cheese stands in the stores.


With Lydia, the goal is to accelerate checkout flows.  Like any new means of payment, its use is still picking up.  

Find innovations

While walking around the store, you might want to try one of the 600 innovative products available outside of negotiations with central purchasing.

Learn to recycle

After consuming, you have to throw things away.  Despite your best will, it isn’t always easy to recycle properly. “Eugene” is here to help you!

The concept in photos

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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