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Franprix invents the convenience store 2.0

Matthieu JOLLY
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In couple with child(ren), single or retired… The inhabitants of large cities are different and their expectations are sometimes opposite. By developing its concept each year, Franprix succeeds in achieving a tour de force : to bring together all the residents of the neighbourhood in the same place.

The concept : become the customer's local store

The local brand is a case study. It is probably the French food brand that has been most challenged and transformed over the past 5 years. 

Every year, Franprix renews itself by developing its point of sale concept, with a single objective : to become the customer’s local store by always being closer to their expectations. The year 2019 is no exception to the rule with a reworked bulk offer and the appearance of corners from the Hema, Cdiscount or Le Drugstore Parisien brands.

However, it is equally interesting to look back at the 2018 innovations to understand how, after one year, they have managed to integrate into the customer’s daily life. In fact, whatever the year, Franprix demonstrates that adapting to the expectations of an urban, multiple and constantly changing clientele must be continuous.

Why visit the store?

Engaging with customers

First response to the consumer: commitment! The French are sensitive to the environment and want to consume in a more responsible way.

Locavor, gluten-free, vegan,… Although still on the fringes, we can see that new behaviours are emerging while at the same time, organic farming is increasing its weight in urban consumers’ consumption. Here, nearly a third of the product offer is dedicated to organic products. Guaranteed freshness on herbs and spices from Les Fermes de Gally with free and self-service access at your disposal.

If you have any questions about fruits and vegetables, be reassured by testing their nitrate levels. You will notice that the organic fruits and vegetables have lost their packaging… Proof that the store is committed to reducing plastics.

Choose it without packaging

On the shelf, the omnipresence of bulk hits with these fountains installed in the shelves.

Wine, oil, detergent, shampoo or dog food… Thanks to them, you can fill up your tank while reducing your use of plastics and other packaging. All you have to do is buy a bottle, a reusable bottle or bring them with you when you do your shopping. This logic of zero packaging goes even further since Franprix encourages you, in the heart of the “water” shelf, to stop buying bottled water and drink that of the city of Paris.

Helping the poor in the neighbourhood

Once you’ve finished your shopping, towards the cash registers. As usual at Franprix, don’t hesitate to round up your ticket to the next euro to help a local association via the solidarity rounding of microDON.

Here, it is Le Réflexe Solidaire that you finance to help the poor. When the traffic is too high, the staff can also use the swap bodies: a smartphone, a EPT (Electronic Payment Terminal) and you no longer have to wait in line.

Settling in the living area

In the digital age, Franprix has installed an XXL “living area”. In search of a link, of socialization: you can have breakfast before leaving for work, lunch at noon while enjoying the “Franprix plate”, come and have a snack with your children after school or simply work on site.

The space can accommodate up to 30 people at the same time and there is no shortage of services: microwave, toasters, baby chair, free Wi-Fi, power socket to recharge your mobile phone,… Everything is done to ensure that you can make the most of your visit.

Simplify daily life

In store, there is no shortage of services. Of course, you will find the usual attentions such as lending a cart or umbrella, small ads between neighbours or even the hook on the outside to tie your pet next to a bowl of water to make it drink.

Here, the brand assumes the strong point of local stores: the time slot. Open until 8pm on weekdays and Sunday mornings, the store offers new services to simplify your daily life.

One of the first examples : the lockers of the Canadian startup Keycafe in which you deposit the keys of your apartment for your cleaning lady.

More innovative is the partnership with La Poste. You no longer need to run to retrieve your purchases on the Internet. They are delivered directly to the point of sale. Come and pick them up on foot, by bike or electric scooter, an inflator and a loading area for Lime scooters are at your disposal if you need them!

Another interesting innovation is the automatic translator. Perhaps you have already dreamed during a trip of being able to communicate with the locals. Thanks to the TalkTalk service, it’s done. Useful in a tourist city like Paris.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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