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When a flagship becomes a playground !

Nike has opened its brand new concept store in the Soho district of New York over 5 floors, its theme being Try me !



Nike has opened its latest New York store in the Soho district over 5 floors dedicated to and offering a real experience to their customers, whether it is via running, practicing football or basketball.


Nike’s Soho store brings happiness to athletes in search of a unique experience and reassurance about the quality of the products in this store, where the transaction becomes secondary, because here what matters is the relationship with the brand.

Why visiting the store

Nike Store Soho

Arrange an appointment with a sales adviser on your mobile

A counter of advisers who greet customers and help them choose the product that suits them best. Customers can even make an appointment on their mobile with an adviser.

Nike Store Soho

Run in Central-Park

On the ground and first floors, immersive running treadmills enable you to try out the latest running shoes. This immersion is created by screens covering 180 degrees. These video walls plunge customers into the middle of Central Park, like on your Sunday run. The solution makes trying out shoes an entertaining experience, unlike other sports stores. Furthermore, Nike gives customers the option of changing completely into running wear to avoid them ending up sweaty in their street clothes.

Nike Store Soho

Play football in the store

The second floor is devoted to football ! There is a mini synthetic football pitch. This synthetic surface lets customers try out different shoes and studs. There are lockers near the mini pitch, recreating the atmosphere of a genuine locker room.

Nike Store Soho

Play basketball in the store

On the top floor there is a basketball court. Customers there can try the lastest shoes of NBA players, like Kyrie Irving or Lebron James. When they have chosen their shoes, they can go to the locker room and try on an outfit (shorts and t-shirt). Then a coach invites the newly kitted out basketball player to take part in a training session. The customer is then invited to simulate actions like shooting on the buzzer to win the match, all this in front of a giant screen broadcasting tips from NBA stars. The court is also equipped with motion sensors (based on Kinects) that analyse customers’ actions and moves.

Nike Store Soho

Discover the area set aside for women

On the ground floor, the area devoted to women has fitting rooms worthy of a gym lounge. Products can be tested in the same way as in a gym.

Nike Store Soho

Order online from the store

The sales staff are equipped with tablets. With which they can check the stock positions of the New York stores and the e-commerce site, and can also take customers’ payments. Numerous screens are also available for searches and online orders in the store. This service is very handy if you want to have a pair of shoes delivered after trying them on, and to continue shopping hands free.

Nike Store Soho

Customize your shoes in store

Nike, well-known for its customization service Nike iD, lets you customize your shoes directly in store with a dedicated machine in just a few hours, like its subsidiary Converse.

Live the experience in video

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